Thursday 3 December 2015

My Favourite Pieces of Jewellery ft Alex Monroe and Vivienne Westwood

I must have given Primark at least £300 for cheap costume jewellery over my teenage years. With every new ‘going out’ outfit came a necklace and some rings, to complete the look.
When I started a ‘proper’ full-time job after university, I decided to invest in jewellery instead of cheap costume jewellery that would fall apart after a few wears.

I thought I’d talk you through my favourite pieces...

Alex Monroe Bee Necklace
I had been lusting after this rose gold beauty for years, I always looked for comparable dupes on eBay but I knew nothing would be quite the same. I finally splashed out this summer and fell in love as soon as it arrived. It’s a treasured item of jewellery that I am so happy to own. I love the tiny details like the bee’s legs on the back, dimples on his body and the weight of the piece. I would really recommend checking out Alex Monroe if you are an animal lover.
Alex Monroe Rose Gold Bee Necklace

Vivienne Westwood Key Orb Necklace
I actually bagged this in the sale and treated myself with my 21st birthday money a few years ago. Traditionally, you are given novelty keys as a celebration of coming of age. So this was the perfect buy to mark the special occasion. It’s on a beautiful dainty chain, and I love that the orb that Westwood is famous for is subtle.
Vivienne Westwood Key Orb Necklace

Oliver Bonas Love Ring
I just adore Oliver Bonas jewellery, this dainty, cute ‘Love’ ring caught my eye while waiting for a train home from London. I think it’s a pretty piece that shows my hopeless romantic side. I think this would make a lovely gift and it was only £18!
Oliver Bonas Love Ring

Blue and Clear Crystal Ring
I bought this silver sterling ring while after in Cardiff with my boyfriend Rhys. It’s a lovely reminder of the weekend away. I just love how the two ‘arms’ curve towards each other but don’t touch, it’s very unusual. Again, this was from a little craft shop so I can’t link it but Empty Casket has some great pieces on their website which are similar.
Blue Crystal Ring

Bloody Metal Mary Crossbones Ring
Every Instagrammer and Blogger has one of these, I love how edgy the designs are! It’s quite a hefty sized ring, but it’s very light to wear, I normally just wear this on its own. It’s one of my more expensive ring purchases, but well worth the dollar.
Bloody Metal Mary Cross Bones Ring

What’s your favourite piece of jewellery?

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  1. These all look sooo pretty! But I think I like the love ring and the crystal ring the most :)

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