Sunday 28 January 2018

3 Products To Renew And Revitalise Your Skin

Sometimes I look in the mirror and my skin just looks crap, it just looks very dull and the texture is terrible. This is usually down to my own neglect but I have 3 handy products in my skincare stash which renew and revitalise my skin overnight.

Lancome Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Serum, Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil, The Ordinary Buffet

A new addition to my skincare stash but a well-loved one. This serum can be used both day and night and works on reducing the appearance of fine lines, adds radiance and firmness to the skin. I remember the first night I used it, woke up the next morning with baby soft skin (insert all of the heart eye emojis). The packing is not also luxe but it’s very easy to use, you just push the button on the top and the pipette sucks up enough product for one application. It’s a lovely light consistency and works well with any moisturiser you follow up with.

If you want something more potent, I’d highly recommend Sunday Riley’s Luna. My skin is rather hardy so it’s not often that a product works wonders but this stuff works on pigmentation and scarring overnight. I have heard mixed reviews about this, if you have sensitive skin or aren’t sure on splashing out the £45 for the 15ml, I’d try and get a sample first.

If my skin looks dry and tired, I think I look aged beyond my years, this is where The Ordinary’s Buffet Serum comes in. It has amazing hydrating properties mixed with amino acids that plump your skin, helping to create a softer and more youthful appearance.

What are your go-to products to renew and revitalise your skin overnight?
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Friday 26 January 2018

January Payday Buys - Fashion & Beauty

January seemed to have at least 75 days in the month. Payday seemed so painfully far away after Christmas but it’s FINALLY here! I’ve had a few items on my wishlist throughout the month which you can see below.

My payday fashion picks have been heavily influenced by Sophie from Fashion Slave, I decided I need some cute skirts and a baker boy hat after religious following her outfit posts on Instagram.

When it comes to beauty, I’ve been on a bit of a ‘No Beauty Buy January’ effort, however this payday I might have to cave and purchase these bits. I have an affiliate link that gets you £10 off your first Feel Unique order here:

I’ve really been struggling with the condition of my hair lately, I use a lot of heat due to my unruly naturally curly hair. I’d tried the shampoo and conditioner from Pureology by Victoria from In The Frow’s recommendation and I loved it, time for a top up. While browsing I spotted they had a strength haircare range too, plus Aveda had a split end helper, all went into my basket!

When it comes to makeup I’m on a bit of a base makeup hype, they are one of my favourite beauty products to try out! I’ve heard lots of people rave about the YSL All Hours Foundation, the Nars Soft Matte Concealer and the Charlotte Tilbury Contour Wand, so I am dying to try them for myself.

Some skincare also accidentally found its way into my basket, I needed a top up of my well-loved Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream moisturiser. I’ve also been keen to expand the range of Ordinary skincare products I own, so I’ve been looking at the retinol. I’d love to know if anyone has tried this and has a review! 

What will you be buying this payday?
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Sunday 21 January 2018

Revlon Lip Wardrobe

My blog is actually named after a Revlon lipstick called Cherries in the Snow. The brand kindly sent me their ‘Lip Wardrobe’, a blogger package which included their latest lip launches. It was the perfect opportunity to try the trial and compare the different formulas and discover which ones I liked best.

Review of the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks, Ultra HD Gel Lipcolours, Ultra HD Metallic Matte Lipcolours, Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour and Colourstay Lip Liners.
I am familiar with the Super Lustrous Lipstick formula as my Cherries in the Snow lipstick was created in this formula. It’s a smooth, pigmented lipstick which feels comfortable on the lips. I can highly recommend them if you are fed up of drying, cakey mattes and want ‘comfy’ lip colours to wear. The shades inside the box were Bombshell Red, Bare Affair and Naughty Plum. Although the named Bombshell Red suggests a potent pillar box red, this hue is more of a moodier berry red. Naughty Plum is a grey-toned plum shade which gives a vintage vampy feel. Bare Affair would be ideal for nude lipstick lovers as it is a neutral beige pink.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks in Bombshell Red, Bare Affair and Naughty Plum

The two Colourstay Lipliners came in the shades Nude and Plum, these would work well under a number of shades. They are retractable pencils, so no need to fuss with sharpening. They create a very defined lip line without being drying on the lips. There is also no tugging to get the desired effect, MAC pencil lipliners I’m looking at you.

Revlon Colourstay Lipliner in Nude and Plum

I’m not a huge fan of liquid lipsticks but I was intrigued by Revlon’s offering. The ‘Lip Wardrobe’ contained two formulas of the Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour. The darkest shade, Infatuation, was their basic matte liquid lip but the shades, Gleam and Shine were matte metallics, a strange concept to me! They all have a long stiff doe foot applicator and a heavy synthetic scent of birthday cake. The metallic mattes do have a pretty finish but they aren’t something I’d wear daily and they also take a little work as they aren’t completely streak-free. The matte dark shade is a miss for me, it applied so streakily and uneven, making a darker lip even harder to work with.

Ultra HD Metallic Matte Lipcolour in Gleam and Shine, Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour in Infatuation

Lastly, my favourites from the ‘Lip Wardrobe’, the Ultra HD Gel Lipcolours, I received the shades Sand and Pink Cloud. Suzie from Hello October had mentioned the Sand shade in her recent favourites and I can see why. The formula of the HD Gel Lipcolours allows it to glide over the lips with ease and leaves a pretty sheen. As far as longevity they are better than most coloured balms I have tried but even when you do need to reapply this can be done without a mirror as they are that easy to use!

Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolour in Sand and Pink Cloud

Here are the colours swatched for you. Left to right: Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour in Infatuation, Ultra HD Metallic Matte Lipcolours in Shine and Gleam, Super Lustrous Lipsticks in Naughty Plum, Bombshell Red and Bare Affair, Ultra HD Gel Lipcolour in Pink Cloud and Sand and Colourstay Lipliners in Plum and Nude.

Revlon Swatches Left to right: Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour in Infatuation, Ultra HD Metallic Matte Lipcolours in Shine and Gleam, Super Lustrous Lipsticks in Naughty Plum, Bombshell Red and Bare Affair, Ultra HD Gel Lipcolour in Pink Cloud and Sand and Colourstay Lipliners in Plum and Nude.

I’d love to know if you have a favourite Revlon lip colour formula!
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Tuesday 16 January 2018

My Thoughts On The Latest Rimmel Launches

Rimmel isn’t a brand that features heavily in my makeup collection. When I was a teenager, I used their brow pencil and their Stay Matte powder religiously but I’ve now discovered better quality products for the same price. When Influenster sent me a box of new Rimmel launches, I was very open-minded, putting my thoughts of cakey matte powder and too dark eyebrow pencils behind me.

New Rimmel mascara, eyeliner, nail polish and lip glosses reviewed.

First up was their new mascara launch, Wonderfully Real Mascara. It has a plastic spikey wand, that is tapered at one end, this did comb through the lashes well. However, it is the formula of this mascara that lets it down. A few swipes do build up the volume but the consistency is heavy on the lashes so they don’t stay lengthened and pumped up for long. They sort of shrink back down after a few seconds.

Their latest eyeliner launch called Ink Me is interestingly also marketed as a body liner. I assume they intend for it to be used in things like festivals or Halloween to create designs on the body. It comes in two shades, Pitch Black and Golden Gang. For an eyeliner named Pitch Black I would have expected a very opaque, impactful black, but it’s a little too watery. I do think the tiny thin brush would be excellent for getting right into the inner corner of the eye, but it’s not that great in terms of flexibility when creating the flick to your liner look.

Also following the body art theme, they have also released temporary tattoos in gold and black designs. I do think these are fun but this launch might have been better timed during the summer festival season.

Next up was the Lip Art Lip Top Coat, which is available in 3 shades, Pearlescent, Gold and Blush. These would be the best high street alternatives to the Jouer Lip Toppers I have seen. They can be worn alone, they are very pigmented for a metallic gloss, but as the name suggests they perform better over the top of a lip colour. For something subtle, I would suggest only dabbing a tiny amount in the middle of your lips to create a plumped look. You can apply a generous layer for a full on metallic lip look. They aren’t sticky so they are worth trying if you don’t want to splash out on the Jouer ones.

Lastly, there was a glitter nail polish in Red Crush in the Influenster box. This red polish contains beautiful silver glitter flecks throughout. It is a pain to remove but isn’t every glittery nail polish. If you want it to last longer, I can thoroughly recommend the Rimmel Gel Top Coat, it really does improve the longevity.

This Rimmel Influenster box had hits and misses, I wouldn’t purchase the liners or mascara but the metallic glosses and nail polish are worth a look. If you received this box too, I’d love to know what you think!
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Sunday 7 January 2018

How I Am Looking After My Skin In 2018

2017 was the year my skin changed. For those who don’t know, I started my second course of Roaccutane for my serve acne at the end of 2016 and it carried through to the beginning of last year. Part of the treatment and side effects is extreme drying of the skin to stop the skin producing excess oil creating more spots.

Previously, I’d be so used to having oily, acne prone skin so I have hundreds of lotions and potions geared towards these skincare concerns. After my treatment finished the dryness lessened but I now have combination skin with drier patches around my nose and occasional spots on my chin and cheeks. The imbalance is a little harder to treat and keep healthy. So I’m adapting my routines to keep my skin happy in 2018.

Skincare tips for 2018

Don’t Miss Steps
When I’m feeling lazy, I will just cleanse and then moisturise but serums, oils and treatments are a big part of a skincare routine. They help your other skincare to work more effectively so can’t be forgotten.

Gut Health
Gut health isn't really something people think about when discussing skin but it has a big impact. I recently had a York Food intolerance test done after experiencing digestive issues. It was a simple process, a box is sent to you which contains the instruments to do the test. All you need to do is prick your finger and catch the blood on a test paper, then wrap it all back up and sent the box back to the York Test labs. A few days later you'll receive a letter which shows the foods you are intolerant too. This is followed up with a call from a specialist who can help you find alternatives. Wheat was one of the biggest intolerances I had, after confirming this I pieced things together. When my skin has spotty I'd been eating lots of heavy carbs, and it had also flared up eczema on my hands. I'm slowly opting for more wheat-free meals and I hope to see a difference in my skin soon.

Extra Nutrients
Part of cutting down on heavy carbs is including healthier options, I'll be adding more fruit and vegetables to my diet. To ensure that my skin has all the nutrients it needs to function and repair, I’m also taking multi-vitamins. Emma from ‘Lolita Says So’ has a comprehensive guide to supplements for the skin.

I’ve been lucky enough to try out a few facial treatments from the likes of Jurlique, Elemis and Clarins. They press reset button on my skin, I leave feeling glowy and more positive about the look of my skin. I used to think that facial treatments were a luxury but I’ve decided that my skin is worth the investment so I’ll be treating myself to one every few months.

I’d love to hear your skincare tips or any new products you are trying in January!

*York Test was provided to review, but all opinions are my own.


Thursday 4 January 2018

Most Loved Beauty Products of 2017

If I lost all my makeup and skincare collection these are the items I would repurchase without hesitation. These are my most well-loved and well-used products of 2017.

Getting the right shade of contour and bronzer is important to me as I have such pale skin. The bronze shade within this beautiful Art Deco-inspired packaging looks so natural on me, I don’t have to worry about look orange. I’ve also had plenty of compliments on my highlight while wearing the one from Charlotte Tilbury, it’s a wonderful lit from within gold shade.

As I’ve got older, I just want eyeshadows that look pretty and are minimal effort, CT has answered these prayers. Her cream eyeshadow pots contain beautifully whipped cream colours that can be applied with your fingers and last all day. I have the shades Bette and Jean, I’d love to purchase the other shades in the near future.

This is a blogger favourite and for good reason. It covers purple eyebags and hides pesky spots with ease. I’ve used expensive concealers from Tarte and Armani but I always come back to this one.

I’m a floozy when it comes to foundations, I switch and change all the time but Luminous Silk is one I have repeatedly gone back to in 2017. It’s a beautiful formula that isn’t heavy but has enough coverage to hide all my skins sins. It’s a satin finish that gives life to your face without leaving you an oily mess. If you haven’t tried it yet, get yourself a sample!

During 2017 I went off high street mascaras as none could give me both volume and length I need. Armani’s Eccentrico Mascara is well worth the price, it doesn’t smudge and gives you false lash effect eyelashes.

I picked this Sephora own brand powder up in Paris last January on a whim and it turned out to be the best blurring face powder I have ever tried! It gives a filter-like appearance to the skin and it’s suitable for the under-eye area too. It doesn’t keep you matte all day, I usually blot anyway but looks excellent in photos.

I had a pot of this cult Kiehl’s product in my stash for ages and finally put it to good use when I started my Roaccutane journey. My skin was so dehydrated and tight, this skincare item put the comfort back into my skin. I’ve continued using it after my acne treatment ended as I can’t find a moisturiser I like better!

This little eye cream is a recent discovery. After having eczema on my eyelids, I needed something that would soothe the itch but also hydrate the eye area without irritation. The Ultra Eyes provides this but it also works well under makeup, not disrupting concealer or eyeshadow.

I’ve been sceptical about setting sprays in the past but I’m really enjoying MAC’s offering. If I have gone a little too heavy on the foundation and powder a few spritzes of this just helps to refresh the base makeup and helps it look less cakey.

After shaving my legs, I suffer from terrible itchy and dry skin, no matter what razor or shaving product I use. The only thing I have found that will soothe the skin instantly is Lush’s Dream Cream. It’s a lightweight yet highly moisturising body lotion. I’ve heard from other bloggers that it works well on eczema too.

At the start of 2017, I started my second course of Roaccutane to combat my serve acne. As it had done previously, my skin became extremely dry and sore. Cetaphil Moisturing Cream came to the rescue. It’s very affordable and available in Boots in the chemist section. It’s a heavy-duty moisturiser that gives the skin a barrier from the cold weather and further irritation. Since finishing my Roaccutane treatment I have continued to use Cetaphil for eczema. I’ll always have a tube of this on hand just in case.

Sometimes my skin likes to throw a number of concerns at me all at once, dehydration, dryness and spots. When this happens I reach for my Clarins Lotus Oil, my thirsty skin drinks it up and my spots are calmed overnight.

This product isn’t very glamorous but it has been a lifesaver. During my Roaccutane treatment, I had very dry eyes and I also work at a computer, so a few drops helped to revive my eyes quickly.

I’d love to know what beauty products were your most used over 2017, leave a comment below.
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