Tuesday 28 February 2012

Clinique Freebies in Cosmopolitan!

Just thought I'd let you know that in Cosmopolitan's April issue, you get a freebie from Clinique!
There are four minis of Clinique's cult buys on offer -a  High Impact mascara, a Superbalm Moisturising Gloss, a 7 Day Scrub Cream and a Moisture Surge Extended Relief cream/gel.
My local Sainsbury's only had the Superbalm Gloss and the Moisture Surge Extended Relief cream, and I'm not a fan of lipgloss. I've tried the Moisture Surge gel before, I really love it for when my skin feels tight and irritated.

The magazine itself is £3.50

What mini will you be picking up? Do you read Cosmo often?
 Love Kat

Monday 27 February 2012

Rimmel - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I have two Rimmel products to review, the good is the Professional Eye Brow Pencil and the bad is the Scandal'Eyes mascara. The ugly of course is close up shots of my face and eyes!
Rimmel is staple brand in most young women's make-up bags. For years I raved over their mascaras when I was younger, but I switched to Max Factor when I got a bit more pocket money.
My trusty Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara was coming to an end, so I popped into Boots and picked up Rimmel's Scandal'Eyes mascara.

Here is how it applied...

Sorry for the close up shots, scary I know! I left the smudges on my lid to show you guys how much mess this product makes! The formula is extremely wet, this plus a over sized brush equals splodges everywhere! As for it's claims to volumize lashes, it didn't in my opinion. The big bristle wand grabbed all the lashes perfectly achieving length more than volume!
Overall opinion? I think it's okay if you are in the market for a lengthening mascara, but I would wait until it dries out a little to avoid smudges like I had.

Now for the good! Up until a few weeks ago I was using a brown matte eyeshadow and an angled brush to fill my sparse fair eyebrows in. After Beauty Crush on Youtube posted a eyebrow tutorial video in which she used Professional Eye Brow Pencil, I picked it up - my shade is in Hazel. It's formula makes it easy to fill in gaps and line the brows perfectly, it was a slight waxy texture which helps keep my wild brows in place.

Dodgey photo camera shot to show my brows! I have a Scouse brow look going on!
So in conclusion eye brow pencil = good, mascara = bad and I'm the ugly! haha

What do you think of Rimmel's products? Which do you love/hate?
Love Kat

Thursday 23 February 2012

Lana Del Rey lips?

Okay, I admit it, I want to be Lana Del Ray so badly. I even went to the extreme of dying my hair red/ginger a few weeks ago. My next step to re-create her look was the bee-stung lips. 

After a few suggestions of lip plumpers via Twitter, I decided on Soap and Glory's XL Extreme Lip Plumping Gloss. It's a clear non-stick formula that is applied in a thin layer to the lips. Within a few seconds the tingling sensation kicks in and the aroma of chocolate/cocoa can be smelt. My measly thin lips did look a little bigger!

Next on my list was re-creating the pinkish brown nude that she often wears. I had 6 items for the Back to MAC programme and saw this as an opportunity to pick up a free lipstick in the wanted shade. The make-up artist helped me pick out MAC's Patisserie lipstick. It's a great natural shade that gives a hint of colour, a 'your lips but better' kind of colour.  

Together they get me one step closer to the Lana Del Rey look.
What do you think of  Lana  Del Rey? Anyone else lusting after bee-stung lips?

Love Kat

Monday 20 February 2012

My wishlist - MUFE and MAC

Just thought I'd share my current wishlist with you guys...

Makeup Forever Smoky Lash mascara
I got this mascara in a gift set that I bought while in New York over Christmas. At first I was unsure about it but after a few days I learnt to work with the thick formula. Now I have finished the tube I need it in my life again, sadly it's around £18 to buy in the UK which I can't justify at the moment, perhaps when my next loan comes in!

MAC Eyeshadow in Copperplate
My reason for lusting after this is Lana Del Ray. I've been studying her make-up closely and noticed in some shoots a grey eyeshadow is applied and blended into the crease over a soft white eyeshadow with cat like eyeliner. I don't currently own any grey eyeshadows and I think this would fit into my collection perfectly.

MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo
This is a matte shade I've had my eye on for a while. It has a bluish tone, which I am told helps teeth look whiter, which I need as a avid tea drinker! Ruby Woo would be perfect for pin-up inspired make-up looks too.

What are you currently lusting after?
Leave a link below if you have a current wishlist and I'll make sure I check it out.
Love Kat

Friday 17 February 2012

Cheap Smells has a rival....Cosmetics2Order

Sites like Cheap Smells and Fragrance Direct are seeing a rise in traffic and purchases from the beauty community. I mean who wouldn't want to get their favourite brands/products for a discounted price?!?
There is a new kid on the block, Cosmetics2Order.
They began as an eBay store around April last year with the aim to provide big name brands at discounted prices, they have now launched their easy to use website, www.cosmetics2order.com

"Our goal was to get make sure our fulfilment and customer service systems were flawless before branching out from eBay." says Dan Berrecloth from Cosmetics2Order
"Once we established a large feedback score and were able to maintain our top rated seller status we began our website to grow our business. We also operate on Amazon and have been really successful there too! 
Our website offers customers an extremely easy and smooth transaction to make online shopping a first choice rather than a last resort."

I did a comparison between Cheap Smells on MAC eyeshadows and Cosmetics2Order was the clear winner!

So check their website out https://www.cosmetics2order.com/

Love Kat


Monday 13 February 2012

What's in my Travel Make-up Bag?

Okay I admit it, I over packed. This weekend I decided to head home, (I'm currently in Southampton in Uni) for my birthday and to see family. So I thought I'd give you a sneak peek into my travel make-up bag!

This is what I crammed everything into, my first ever Marc Jacobs purchase. I got this in Century 21 when I visited New York last Christmas. I love the print and it's a great size.

 Top left to right - Boujois Healthy Mix Concealer, No7 Quick Cover Blemish Stick, E.L.F Blusher in Tickled Pink, Sleek Contour Kit in Light.
Bottom left to right: Boots Vitamin E Eye Cream, La Roche-Posay Effaclar M Moisturiser, Witch Anti-Blemish Primer 

Top left to right: Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara, Body Shop Tweezers, Rimmel Professional Eye Brow Pencil in Hazel, Collection 2000 Eyeliner, L'Oreal Super Liner Carbon Gloss, Natural Collection Duo Eyeshadow in Mocha/Latte, M.A.C Lipstick in Girl about Town.
Bottom left to right: M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid, Rimmel 25 Hour Lasting Finish Foundation, L'Oreal Studio Secrets, M.A.C Studio Fix Powder.

Okay so you're wondering why the two concealers, primers and foundations?
I mainly use the Witch Anti-Blemish Primer during the day and L'Oreal Studio Secret at night when I am going out. M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid is my lazy day foundation, it's just quick to apply and covers  most of my blemishes in a hurry. Rimmel 25 Hour Lasting Finish Foundation is perfect for long days or nights out. The two different concealers are used for spots, No7 Quick Cover Blemish Stick and Boujois Healthy Mix Concealer I currently use to cover my under eye circles.

What do you pack into your travel make-up bag?
Love Kat


Saturday 4 February 2012

If I know I'm going to be out from 9am till 5pm, this is my go to foundation

Rimmel has been a brand that has followed my through my teenage years. Its affordable, endorsed by some of my favourite celebrities and seems to be on the ball with new products, especially mascaras and foundations, I'll be reviewing their 25 Hour foundation.
Before I review the products, I think it's important to know a little about my skin type. In my early teens I suffered from horrific acne, but thanks to Roaccutane (prescription only acne tablets) my skin improved. I was left with scarring that still knocks my confidence today, so I need a heavy duty foundation that will say on my oily skin, cover scars and last all day. A friend recommended Rimmel's 25 Hour foundation and I've just finished up my first bottle, here is what I thought.
One of the main pros of this foundation is the pump it comes with, sounds silly I know but to me it makes a difference. I hate that foundations from brands like M.A.C and Estee Lauder don't have a pump or you have to buy one. Pumps are more hygienic and allows you to control the amount.
Another quality I like about it is the amount you get, it comes in a 30ml bottle, I've had mine for a few months and it's lasted so well.
So apart from the little details like pump lid and sizing, what else is good about this foundation? Well for me it's the perfect long day foundation, if I know I'm going to be out from 9am till 5pm, this is my go to foundation. It does what it says on the tin, of course it doesn't stay perfect for a whole 25 hours, but it's close enough for my liking! 
It ticks the boxes, the heavy coverage manages to cover my scarring well, the formula also doesn't seem to let much oil from my skin through. (I use Witch Primer underneath if you were wondering.)
Seems too good to be true? The only problem I have with the Rimmel 25 Hour foundation is the shade range. I picked up the lightest colour (100 Ivory) and it's a little too dark for me. I just fix this by using a lighter powder over the top or bronzing my neck and chest to match. I don't seem to find many drugstore/high street foundations that match my milk bottle white skin tone, but for the price and good quality that Rimmel has I'm willing to compromise.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour foundation gets 4.5 out of 5!

What's your favourite Rimmel foundation?
Love Kat
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