Sunday 20 December 2015

A Blogging Rethink and Goals for 2016

I've had a blog since 2010, and since then it has evolved no end. In the last year, I've felt like I've really taken it up a level in the last year but I'm working on pushing it even further. My creative juices are following and I can't wait to show off my new content.

I began some self-evaluation on my blog a few months ago, often the harshest critic is yourself, I looked at my blog from a readers point of view but also from a PR point of view. From that I created some guidelines and goals to help me focus on better content.

1. Face Value
Previously I've felt very nervous about publishing photos of myself. I realised when looking up products online I like to see them on someone's face to judge colours and textures better. Sometimes a beautiful flat lay doesn't always give you the colour reference you need, so you'll be seeing more of my ugly mug on the blog!

2. Take Two
With only the weekends to take pictures, I've often published images I'm not 100% happy with, rather than waiting for the next weekend to reshoot. I want to be completely happy and most of all proud of the content I publish, so I'm only going to publish if I'm happy with the accompanying images.

3. Say No
I have been extremely lucky this year, parcels arrive nearly every day with PR samples. They were a bit of a novelty at first, I just felt privileged to have been chosen to receive one. As my drawers of beauty products overflow, I think it's time to be selective with what I accept.

4. Film It
I'm restarting my YouTube channel, you can find my channel here. I don't have fancy lighting or a sponsored backing by companies like Gleam or Mode, it's just me in front of the camera, we all have to start somewhere. Hopefully, I'll pick up some new filming skills and create some great content for you guys.

5. Sort Your Sh*t Out
I'm an unorganised person, and I'm also forgetful, this does bode well for content. This year I'm making a promise to myself to plan ahead and get organised. I think this will really help the quality of my content.

What are your blogging goals for 2016?

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  1. Great goals. I need to start thinking of mine too.

    Lauren x |

  2. Totally agree with these! I need to up my photography game for sure!! And deffo need to start scheduling posts so I don't forget. good luck for 2016 :) x Laura x

  3. Your blog looks incredible, LOVE the new layout and your content is ON FLEEK. xx


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