Sunday 4 April 2021

Dyson Airwrap Review - On Curly Hair, Using It To Straighten

I've lusted after Dyson hair products for a while now, after using my aunty's Dyson hairdryer a few years ago (very lightweight and dries the hair quicker than a standard dryer by the way). When they came out with the Dyson Airwrap, I thought it was a hair tool I'd never own, due to the price, but then I saw it on offer on QVC's website. At the time it was £390 down from £450, plus I had a £10 off refer a friend code too! I chose to purchase the Airwrap on QVC because they give you the opportunity to try a product out for 30 days and return it with no issues if you don't like it. With this hair tool being so expensive, I thought this was the ideal way for me to try it out.

Dyson Airwrap with attatchmets on display

Dyson Airwrap with tools on display

Dyson Airwrap box in tan

I purchased the Complete Styling versions which has:
  • 1 x Airwrap base
  • 1 x pre-styling dryer attachment
  • 1 x clockwise 30mm Airwrap barrel attachment
  • 1 x anti-clockwise 30mm Airwrap barrel attachment
  • 1 x clockwise 40mm Airwrap barrel attachment
  • 1 x anti-clockwise 40mm Airwrap barrel attachment
  • 1 x firm smoothing brush attachment
  • 1 x soft smoothing brush attachment
  • 1 x round volumising brush attachment
  • 1 x Non-slip mat
  • 1 x Filter cleaning brush
  • Storage case
You can purchase the Airwrap in smaller sets, with fewer attachments, so shop around and see if they have a set that matches your hair requirements.

The attachments simply click into place onto the base, then there is a button for the release. The base and attachments are very lightweight compared to a standard hairdryer.

The base has two controls, on one side is the heat setting, which has three settings, two hot and one as a 'cold shot' to set curls. The other control is the speed of the air. These are in a good position so you can change the settings while still styling the hair.

Before buying the Airwrap, I would have to blow dry my hair for 20 minutes with a normal hairdryer, it would usually leave my hair frizzy and bushy. I would then have to spend a further 20 mins using my hair straighteners to tame the frizz down. My hair routine was an ordeal! 

My two most used attachments are the pre-styling dryer and the firm smoothing brush (the paddle-shaped brush with the silver bristles). which is intended to smooth frizz-prone hair. After showering I usually wrap my hair in a turban for half an hour to let it dry. Then I use the dryer to roughly dry the hair until it's about 70% dry. The dryer is very powerful without being overly noisy. I swap out the dryer attachment for the firm smoothing brush to straighten the hair. I section the hair and then put the section into the smoothing brush and then go in slow downward motions like you were brushing your hair in slow-mo. It doesn't pull or create tension on the scalp, it just glides down smoothly. I usually do 2-3 passes over the section of hair but after that, it's completely dry and straight. It takes me roughly 10-15 mins to do my hair in total.

The first time I used it I was amazed! My hair was so smooth, free from any frizz and it was so quick to do. I have noticed that my hair stays straighter for longer too and doesn't curl up at the first sign of any moisture. It's also been in better condition so I have been able to keep growing it with less damage to the hair. 

If my Dyson Airwrap broke tomorrow, I would not hesitate to buy another one. It has been life-changing and time-saving, I couldn't be without it! 

Have you ever tried the Dyson Airwrap?


  1. I have fine curly hair that tangles easily, and would have loved to have owned Dyson Airwrap hairdryer long ago when my hair was shoulder length and impossible to control. I suspect I wound have wanted to use the 40 mm Airwrap barrell attachments. I'm curious about how hot the hottest setting gets and whether they include a glove in the set?
    P.S.: I see your blog is named after one of the first two lipsticks I ever bought, one being Revlon's 'Cherries in the Snow', and the other being Revlon's 'British Red Coat'!

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