In the interest of my audience, I have defined my terms on disclosure. My blog posts contain my own thoughts and opinions, I will always ensure that these are 100% honest and completely unswayed.

Cherries in the Snow features a mixture of products I have bought with my own money as well as PR samples, anything gifted to me will be marked with an asterix (*) or ‘this post contains PR samples’ will appear at the bottom of a post.

In receiving samples, I am not obliged to feature them on my blog. I try to keep my blog positive, only backing products and brands I truly believe in. You will only see products I can whole heartedly recommend, so you are unlikely to see items I disliked. As stated, my thoughts on the product are always 100% honest, so I will cover the pros and cons, if the product has any.

Please bear in mind that I am not trained in make-up or skin care and the products will only be tested on myself. I will primarily talk about how my skin or hair, reacted to a product but I can still recommend products on the basis that they may be suitable for other types.

I will only accept sponsored content if I feel it will fit into my blog’s branding and be enjoyed by my audience. Just like samples, I will always disclosure sponsored content with the phrase ‘sponsored post’ at the bottom of the feature.

Cherries in the Snow does have affiliate links in its content, run through either ShopStyle or Skimlinks. This simply means that when a link is clicked, I gain a few pennies. In no way will the reader be affected, no additional costs will be added if you buy through my blog.

These defined terms will ensure Cherries in the Snow is honest, realistic and professional.


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