Sunday 6 December 2015

Merry Kissmas! Twig and Dot Christmas Candles

Cosy evenings in your pyjamas aren't complete without a candle or two! I'm not a lover of heavy cinnamon scents, which seem to appear in the winter months, leading up to Christmas, they often give me headaches. Twig and Dot have some beautiful scents, with zero cinnamon in them, great alternatives to the usual Christmas scents.
Twig and Dot Merry Kissmas Candle Review

Merry Kissmas is a has a fruity, tart scent with it's Christmassy combination of Cranberry, Pomegranate and Mistletoe. The large votives like this burn between 30-40 hours, which is incredible. I also think the jars are very reminiscent of Jo Malone's candles with a silver metal lid, -they look so classic and elegant. These candles would look good in any home, on your night-stand or even on your shelves.

They also have mini votives so you can try out all the scents before you decide if you want to buy the larger size, which I think is great as you can't always grantee you'll like the scent when buying online. I thought I'd try out their Sleigh Ride scent in a mini version.

Sleigh Ride has a frosty pine scent, it's a modern update on the traditional pine fragranced candles. Perfect for those dreaming of a real Christmas tree in their living room. The minis also burn excellently, Twig and Dot have a great guide on how to keep your candles burning evenly.

I'm super impressed with Twig and Dot's alternative Christmas candles, but if you do love warming, cinnamon scents, you could always try out the Sugar and Spice scent or the Jing-a-Ling one.

I'm featured in the Twig and Dot '12 Bloggers of Christmas', which I'm so excited about! Each day they are revealing another blogger and the scents they picked, make sure you check it out.

What are your favourite Christmas scents?

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  1. Oh definitely loving the packaging of these candles, very classy indeed. I may need to look into the minis as those scents sound delightful for winter time! And big congratulations also on being featured!

    Cindy |


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