Friday 25 October 2013

TREND: Lingerie Style Dresses featuring Zara

Autumn/Winter beats Spring/Summer fashion hands down in my eyes. Some of my favourite themes and textures are popular this season. Leather, tartan, fur and lace are streaming out of the high street, left, right and centre. Something I'm loving are these lingerie style dresses. 
Lingerie Dresses Zara Trend

From left to right in the picture:
Lingerie Style Dress - £29.99
Combined Lace Dress - £29.99
Lingerie Style Tube Dress - £29.99

These choices tick the trend boxes with dark florals, taran and lace. I'd choose chunky boots, perhaps Doc Marten's and a leather or fur jacket to accompany the dress. 

Do you like the lingerie dress trend? What will you be accessorising it with?
Love Kat


Monday 14 October 2013

A Welsh Adventure: Harlech, Barmouth and Criccieth

This post is something a little different to what I would normally write about, I love reading and looking at photography of lifestyle posts, but honestly my life is never that exciting so I never get the chance to post lifestyle or travel. Last weekend I took a trip up to my family's caravan in Harlech and spent the weekend exploring, I thought I'd share a few pictures with you.

On Saturday, our exploration started with Barmouth. If you've been there before you'll have seen the fair ground rides and sand beach that tourists flock to.
After a quick trip to Portmadog to get some Cadwalader's ice cream, we decided to check out Harlech's castle. I'd been as a child but this time I really appreciated the landscape and architecture.
I spent some of my child hood on those bars, brings back memories!
On our final day we decided to go to Criccieth. The top of the hill, where the castle stood, had the most amazing views.

I honestly wish these photos did the scenery more justice. If you are ever in North West Wales, I recommend you start your own adventure.

Love Kat

Wednesday 2 October 2013

Seventeen Lacquer Liner Wet Look Eyeliner Review

Even since my beloved L'Oreal Super Liner Carbon Gloss eyeliner was discontinued, I've been searching for an eyeliner that can replace the holy grail.
I have previously tried out No7's Stay Precise liner, which I didn't enjoy using but this next offering from Boots has had a better performance. Seventeen's Lacquer Liner comes in different finishes, I picked up the Wet Look version after a recommendation.

Seventeen Lacquer Liner Wet Look Eyeliner

The product itself is in a small pot with a long handle and thin nib, it's balanced perfectly to keep your line steady. Usually I stay away from thin nibs, they are often flimsy and make the eyeliner process extremely hard but this one is perfect. It's delicate but controllable.

The consistency is the only small down fall that this eyeliner has, it's thin, which means if it's applied too close to the inner eye it can run down into the tear duct. Careful application and wiping off excess is the key.

Even though the formula is thin, this eyeliner does not have any trouble with pigmentation. It's shiny 'wet look' finish and black intensity is why I love this product.

Thin nib that is easy to use
Glossy 'wet look'
Not expensive

Runny, but can be stopped by careful application

I wouldn't recommend this to people who are just starting with liquid liner but it is perfect for someone who loves a eyeliner flick.

Have you ever tried this product? What is your favourite liquid liner?
Love Kat

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