Wednesday 30 January 2013

Max Factor Clump Defy Mascara Review

If you follow my blog religiously, (which is very unlikely) you'll already know my love for Max Factor's False Lash Effect mascara. I'll try out any mascara that they bring out just to see if it matches up in terms of length and voluminsing  properties.
I picked the new Clump Defy mascara from Boots for £10.99, I'm quite surprised that it wasn't on offer/sale, they normally have great introductory offers, but I bit the bullet and purchased it anyway.

As you can see the wand is slightly curved and has hundreds of tiny little 'spikes' all over. The False Lash Effect one has the same bristles but no gimmicky curve. To be honest I don't feel curved brushes do much different from the normal straight ones.

I've tried this out over a few days just to see if it flaked, smudged or was difficult to remove, and Clump Defy does not disappoint in these ways. I found it stays on all day and is so easy to remove at night, I usually use face wipes.

Sadly this review is not all positive. I found that after one coat, yes my lashes weren't clumped together but they had next to no product on them. This meant no volume or length to the lashes, just a coloured coating to my short stumpy lashes. I spend ages building up layers to even achieve the tiniest bit of length.

I think this mascara would be perfect for someone who likes the minimal look when it comes to make-up or when you are running out of the house to the local shops and you don't want your eyes to look 'dead'.

Overall I give Max Factor's Clump Defy a 6 out of 10!

Have you tried this mascara yet, what are your thoughts?
Love Kat


Monday 28 January 2013

Spring Clean with Music Magpie

Now is the perfect time to spring clean! After over indulging in the sales and piling up presents from Christmas it's time to get rid of your unwanted clothes, DVD's, CD's and electronic goods to make room.

As a shopaholic myself I know what it's like to try and cram that new outfit into an already over flowing wardrobe. Most of my unwanted clothes have only been worn once and some still even have the tags on, shame on me I know! I'll be condensing my wardrobe but also my CD's and DVD's down.

Music Magpie is a perfect way to sell on your unwanted items, I'm sure you would have all seen their TV advertisement. I've checked out the website myself and it's so easy, so why not sell your unwanted items, make some space and spring clean but also get money for it!

You can sell just about anything on their website from, Apple electronics, Kindles, GHD's, phones and clothes.
It's so easy to do. You just need to scan the barcode of your DVD's and CD's for a price valuation. For clothes you just need to use the drop down menus to select the brand name, garment type, size and colour.

They also have a free courier service who come and pick up your boxed unwanted items and take them away for you, it's completely insured and safe and the payment can be transferred to your account quickly.

Have you used Music Magpie before?
Will you be having a spring clean?
Love Kat

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Friday 25 January 2013

No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush - First Impressions

No 7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush Review
I thought I'd give you a quick run down of my first impressions of this gadget, No7's Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush. 

I picked up the No7 Cleansing Brush in Boots yesterday, I spotted a stand stating it's sale price was £15 instead of £25! (Note that the price will go back to £25 on the 20th February)

I have previously eyed up the Clarisonic but with a hefty £100 price tag, it was out of the question! This little gadget was worth a try with claims of 'Supercharging your cleanser for skin that feels twice as clean'. I struggle with acne so I thought this tool would be a perfect way to exfoliate to renew skin cells and perhaps help with scarring.

The box and the website state:
'For Best Results: Use with No7 Foaming Cleanser or No7 Melting Gel Cleanser. We do not recommend you use this product if you have very dry or sensitive skin.'

They instruct application as follows:
1) Remove any eye make-up
2)Apply your No7 cleanser as normally instructed, leaving your cleanser generously covering your forehead, cheeks and chin.
3)Wet the brush head and press the power button. The Cleansing Brush offers a choice of 2 speeds. Pressing the power button twice will increase the brush speed and will offer a deeper clean.
4)Gently massage your face with small circular movements focusing on your forehead, cheeks and chin for about 30 seconds
5)Wash away cleanser with warm water

'Dependent on use we recommend that you replace your brush head every 3-4 months to ensure the brushes performance is maintained. Replacement brush heads are available to purchase in store,' says No7.

I'm going to use mine with the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish just as I have so much of it left and don't want to buy the No7 one before I finish it off. 

As you can see the brush head has 3 sets of bristles. The gadget has two speeds, a softer, slower setting and faster one for deep cleaning.

First Impressions
My skin does feel a lot smoother and softer. It's a strange sensation to get used to though.
I do agree with what No7 state, this would not be good for sensitive skins, I would only recommend this to oily, tough skins that can take the deep exfoliation.

I'll will be writing full review in around 2-3 weeks time.

I've heard through the grape vine that the replacement brushes will soon be in stock and will cost £8 for two heads, which is a reasonable price.

Will you be buying the No7 Cleansing Brush?
Love Kat

Friday 18 January 2013

Style Me Up #2

I had a great response to my first 'Style Me Up' feature so I've decided to do another! This one is a mish mash of my friends style influences and how I would team their items up together.

This is on my 'lust list' as AA have sent out a 'Friends and Family' 30% off code, which would make this beauty just £27.30. I really love this magenta shade, hurry up summer so I can wear dresses!

An oversized denim jacket and boots gives a perfect 'grunge' edge to this pretty pink dress and keeps it casual. If you are into D.I.Y perhaps a few studs would help decorate this blank denim canvas.

These bad boys are not for everyone! I've always wanted a pair of Docs. My sister is lucky to have a purple leather pair that I must steal from her. I'm debating splashing out with my birthday money and purchasing these beauties, what do you think guys?

Cheap and cheerful jewellery that you can wear with anything. Working in H&M means I can get 25% off too!

I think this has been discontinued, I got mine with an issue of Glamour a while back. I think it's been replaced with a waterproof version. Any chunky eyeliner will be fine, just line your top lash line and smudge out with a cotton bud for a simple smoky eye.

What have you been lusting after this week?
Will you be buying anything from AA while the 'Friends and Family' discount is on?
Love Kat


Thursday 10 January 2013

Style Me Up #1

I've been thinking about my blog a lot lately and what it's lacking, I want 2013 to be the year my blog grows. As a blog that mainly focuses on beauty I don't really get to show off my styling skills even if they are quite minimal! I've come up with a feature idea entitled 'Style Me Up' where I pick one item that I've been lusting after then I will be putting a feature together on how I would personally style it. For my first 'Style Me Up' I've decided to go for a pinafore jumpsuit.

1. Topshop Tapered Jumpsuit - £70
I've been looking for a pinafore for ages, Topshop has a few lovely ones at the moment - a tartan or velvet one, a dress or a playsuit but also this jumpsuit version! It's smart and chic but you can style it up in a quirky way for more casual wear.

2. Motel Petro Box Crop Top - £30
It's a take on the classic Breton stripe shirt, this crop top would be a perfect layering item under the jumpsuit.

3. Topshop Tri Hardware Chain Bag - £32
The monochrome of the stripes and black jumpsuit needs to be broken up with a pop of colour, this adorable across the shoulder bag is just perfect to style it up!

4. Topshop Martina T Bar Geek Shoes - £30
For the colour confident I chosen to style the pinafore jumpsuit with these Topshop shoes. They remind me of primary school, I used to wear something similar with frilly socks and my gingham dress.

5. Topshop KATZ Cut Out Strap Shoes - £75
For those who want to keep the jumpsuit smart and classic I've gone for these cut out black boots. These will let the Topshop Tri Hardware Chain Bag do the talking. These would also look great with coloured socks underneath for a quick pop of colour.

Would you like to see more of these 'Style Me Up' features?

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Love Kat
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