Sunday 2 February 2014

Small Changes - Diet, Exercise and Positivity

January is finally over! It wasn't such a great month for me. At the beginning I was left feeling down and my confidence was rock bottom. Something had to change, even if it was something little.

I began working out more. I remembered how much of a buzz I would get after the gym and decided to sign up again, this time two of my best friends joined too. 

Even though I wasn't watching my food intake, I was enjoying the release that exercise gave me. I'm mentally and physically focusing and pushing myself. I make time to go to the gym about 4 times a week, for just under an hour at a time. I feel lighter, even though I haven't lost much weight and I have more mental clarity.

I had an Amazon voucher to spend so I ordered this beauty. It's a heart rate monitor called the Polar FT 4. This accurately counts your heart rate, the calories burnt and duration you have been exercising for. I'm sure it does other fancy stuff but I haven't figured that out yet. I feel more pushed to work out harder when wearing the monitor.

I wasn't willing to give up junk food in the beginning but now I'm trying. I'm sure there will be some slip ups here and there but I'm giving it a go.

Exercising plus eating less junk food has resulted in having a more positive mind set. I no longer dread getting up in the morning, I sleep better and I have a better attitude to life.

I'm long way off from where I want to be mentally and physically, but at least my small changes mean I am on my way.

Have you made changes for the New Year?
Love Kat


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  1. i love this post! i need to work on being more positive, but i am slowly changing my eating habits and trying to move more too :)

    from helen at

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