Wednesday 15 January 2014

New Year Gym Bunny feat. Nike and Adidas

Us ladies have this urge to start dieting and exercising in the New Year. I too have jumped on this bandwagon. It's just under a month till my birthday and the thought of wearing a body con dress scares me greatly.

I've decided instead of gimmicky diets and detoxes I am just going to work out more. Last summer I found myself actually enjoying the gym, that's something I'd never thought I'd say! I had a little competition with myself to see if I could run that mile quicker.

Going to the gym didn't actually help me loose weight, I was replacing the caliores I had burnt, but it did make me a more positive person.Now I've started going again I can feel myself sleeping better at night, waking up in a more positive mood and not feeling so sluggish.

Any of you guys on a fitness hype?

Here are my  picks for practical but stylish gym gear...

Gym Bunny

Nike Legend 2.0 Printed Leggings - £40
Adidas Bro Heather Tank Top - £18
Nike Free TR 4 Training Shoe - £80
Water Bobble - £8.99

Let me know if you are getting fit!
Love Kat


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  1. I exercise at home! And not because of the weigh but because it makes me feel much better and is great for my posture since i spend so much time in front of a computer...
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know ^^
    Have an amazing week!


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