Friday 6 April 2012

Putting Double Wear to the Test

Wednesday and Thursday I attended interviews in London, I needed a good coverage foundation that would last all day and not melt on the unbearably hot tube and trains. I picked up Estee Lauder straight away, this was a chance to test it to it's limits.

I have the shade 1C1 Shell, which is a little too dark for me at the moment. I bought it in duty free in New York so there wasn't a lot of shade choices. I just blend it thoroughly and make sure I take the foundation down my neck so I don't have those horrible tide marks.
I used L'Oreal Studio Secrets Anti-Shine Mattifying Primer as a base and applied a thin layer of Double Wear. Yes, it definitely is 'stay-in-place makeup' as it says on the bottle. This stuff didn't budge! Even after running half way across London, sitting on the stuffy tube, Double Wear kept it's flawless state.
I really recommend this to oily skinned girls, it stays put! Girls with dry skin should stay away, it will stick to your dry spots and look cakey. The only down side to this amazing foundation is it can feel a little heavy, so stay clear if you want a lighter feeling foundation.

What do you think of Double Wear?

Love Kat


  1. I love double wear, but HAVE to wear primer under it to keep it in place for more than 6-8 hours.


  2. I am thinking of purchasing it for winter, as for the time being, I think my skin would hate me with the summer and the heat coming. Did it cause you any problems on your skin? Like breakouts etc? I'm asking as my skin is known for going crazy at times and I'd really hate it if it didn't like this foundation.
    Thanks for the review/test!
    Have a happy day and week!

    p.s.Every time I'm visiting your blog I want to buy Revlon's cherries in the snow lipstick. But then I forget :p

  3. I have this foundation and I LOVE it! Unfortunately I am not tan enough to use it right now! Cute blog and I am following you :)

  4. Hi Kat, I'm new to your blog and am now following too, love it! I used to use this for nights out cause like you, I found it just didn't budge. However I do have dry skin so I stopped using it and have since tried the Double Wear Light, which I found good and liked but it wouldn't be my favourite foundation of all time either! Like Ria, I now also want to buy Revlon's Cherries in the snow though! :-)

    CeeCee xx

  5. I really want some double wear. I might go into boots this weekend and get matched up!

  6. Hello just followed your blog, found you on hello cotton! just thought i would say hello! x


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