Sunday 29 April 2012

Disco Pants - Bum Flattering Goodness!

The fashion world has gone crazy for American Apparel's big bum flattering Disco Pants. I cannot say enough things about these skin tight high waisted numbers!

I ordered a medium after the sizing guide told me that size 12's should opt for that, but when I excited ripped open the parcel, I thought to myself I'm never going to fit into these but they fitted like a glove! The best thing about the disco pants are that they have stretch but also nip you in a little while being amazingly comfortable.
I paid £49 as I has a 30 percent discount code but I do think they are worth the £70 price tag!

And here is what I look like in mine...

I normally style mine with crop tops or shirts tucked in and some chunky boots for nights out. I think if I was to wear them in the day I'd opt for a blouse and a denim jacket to make the outfit more casual.

What do you think of the American Apparel Disco Pants?
Love Kat



  1. I really want to try these although I'm shying away from the price tag, look so amazing on you! xx

  2. They look gorgeous. mine are on their way to me! so excited!

  3. they look gorgeous! :)X

  4. I need to get one of those... but not from A.A. 'cause it's way to expensive for me lol. xoxo

  5. I love your ootd- honestly disco pants are the best invention ever!! Definately debating getting the charcoal pair now xxx

  6. wow! ur look amazing however i would look totes redick i think! i just don't think it's something i could pull off sadly ;( xxx


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