Tuesday 10 April 2012

My MAC Lipstick Collection

So I was thinking of what my next blog post should be and I noticed my lipstick collection is getting a little out of hand. Its grown since my first MAC lipstick post. 

The lighting on my window sill isn't great, the photos from above show the colours more true.

Left to right: Patisserie, Creme Cup, Lovelorn, Ever Hip (Limited Edition)

Patisserie - Sheer creamy neutral pink
 I mentioned this in my Lana Del Rey lips post, it's the perfect brown nude pink that gives you Lana Del Rey lips, shame I can't look like her!

Creme Cup - Light blue pink
 I think this was my first MAC lipstick, it's just easy to wear and I know it goes with everything.

Lovelorn - Emotive blue pink
 It's my newest edition, I Back 2 MAC'd and got this beauty, it's a deeper pink than Creme Cup.

Ever Hip - A creamy light coral
This has had a lot of love, mostly by my flatmate, she needs to stop wearing it as it's limited edition!

Costa Chic, Viva Glam Nicki, Chatterbox and Girl About Town

Costa Chic - Frosty light coral
This is the closest to Ever Hip in the permanent line, but it's a touch darker and has a frosty finish to it. I blot my lips after applying to take some of the frosty effect off, it reminds me of old women!

Viva Glam Nicki - Bright yellow pink
I find this a little hard to wear, I think it makes my teeth look yellow, I think I need to play around and perhaps layer it with other lipsticks to tone down the yellow of my teeth.

Chatterbox - Bright red-pink
This is fantastic for nights out, it's such a fun colour and it leaves a slight stain which I like.

Girl About Town - Fabulous Fuchsia
I don't know why I haven't reach for this more, it's such a bright fuchsia that is great for a change on nights out.

What is your favourite MAC lipstick?
Do you have any recommendations?

Love Kat


  1. Creme Cup was my first MAC lippy aswell :) Lovelorn is next on my list.

  2. I LOVE Creme Cup and Girl About Town. And I'm always impressed with the Viva Glam's too!


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  4. I really want Ever Hip and every time I realise its limited edition i cry a little bit! Will try costa chic based on your recommendation! xx

  5. Bombshell was my first MAC lipstick, and I love it so much! :)


    Brittany :) xo

  6. Lovely lipsticks!! I'm gonna look into Patisserie, it looks beautiful!

  7. awesome lipsticks and i really like your blog!



  8. I missed out on ever hip and it made me so sad!!!

  9. Wow, this is like lipstick porn! I've been considering getting creme cup for a while, I've heard it's really nice on and all the previous comments seem to back that up!

  10. viva glam nicki is so pretty i neeed it in my collection that will be the next one i buy along with some others :) x


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  12. Hi sweet lady! I found your blog via Sometimes Sweet and am SO GLAD that I did! I'm your newest follower! xoxo

  13. Oh wow so many >.<
    I only ever had like a small sample and then I lost it :( I was soooo sad and it was like the perfect cherry colour AAARRRGGHHH! I don't know the number of it, only that it was from MAC.

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