Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Amara Amara Multi-stone Boho Coin Bracelet Review and 12 Days of Christmas Treasure Hunt

Amara Amara Gemstone Rose Quartz Bracelet Review

Jewellery makes an ideal present, we don't often spoil ourselves with rings and bracelets, that's why I think it's so lovely to receive a piece at Christmas.

Amara Amara is well known for their stunning gemstone jewellery. If you believe in holistic well being, these stones can bring clarity, strength and balance to those who wear them.

Amara Amara Rose Quartz Bracelet Jewellery Review

The Amara Amara Multi-stone Boho Coin Bracelet* is a lovely dainty piece of jewellery, it's feminine and chic. What I love about this bracelet is how it's sturdy but still has that delicate feel. It's a mixture of 18ct gold vermeil coins and their signature gemstones.

Amara Amara Jewellery Review and Treasure Hunt

Any woman would be very happy to be treated to this bracelet this Christmas, it's elegant and looks beautiful on. Go on, spoil your mum, sister, aunty or friend, she'll be forever grateful.


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