Friday 5 December 2014

Beverly Hills Formula's Perfect White Black Toothpaste Review

Charcoal is often used in skincare because of its cleansing properties but Beverly Hills Formula have taken it one step further. They’ve created a BLACK toothpaste, yes I said black, which contains charcoal, called Perfect White Black*.

Activated charcoal is said to be one of the most effective and safest teeth whitener ingredients, great for those who don’t want harsh chemicals in their beauty products. It’s a well-rounded ingredient as it also helps combat pesky plaque and gum disease.

Now you know it contains charcoal, I bet you think this toothpaste is gritty and tastes bad, well it’s the opposite! The flavour is surprisingly refreshing with a touch of mint to banish bad breath.

If you’ve ever tried a toothpaste with bicarbonate of soda, I'd describe it as a similar texture. It’s not super gritty but does have a slight texture, but this isn’t off putting and it makes you feel like you’ve given your toothy pegs a good scrub and clean.

As for whitening, I feel that this is comparable to most whitening pastes, it does have a slight whitening effect but you need continual and long term use to get those pearly whites. It really is worth investing long term into keeping your teeth white and this toothpaste is a good on to start with!

Would you try a black toothpaste?


  1. I was thinking about this the other day but I couldn't remember what brand it was, thank you for reminding me! I really need to take better care of my teeth D:

    Dannie x

  2. Wow this sounds absolutely insane and I totally want to try it out.

    rae of love from berlin

  3. I tried this a while ago and really liked it! Still feels weird brushing teeth with black toothpaste though!
    Daniella x

  4. Wow! Black toothpaste looks crazy - I'd love to try this purely to freak out my boyfriend.
    I feel I need to try this product out badly!

    Great blog!

    Pretty Beatnik

  5. This sounds so amazing. I'm constantly trying new teeth whitening toothpastes! I really want to try it!

    Kourtney, xo

  6. I am using this just now and love it! At first I kept checking to see it had not left any black on my teeth but it hadn't. I think it leaves my teeth feeling clean! I'd defo recommend it too!


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