Library of Fragrance Baby Powder and Thunderstorm Sprays & Fragrance Foundation Awards

I have featured Library of Fragrance sprays before on my blog, as I loved their unique Gingerbread scent, you can read my thoughts on that here but today I want to introduce two new favourites.

Baby Powder and Thunderstorm are unusual perfume scents compared to the normal floral or musky fragrances that seem to crowd the perfume market. It's these unusual fragrances like Thunderstorm, which make the Library of Fragrance stand out.

Baby Powder is a dream scent for me, I love powdery, clean scents, which is why Yankee Candles Soft Blanket is one of my favourite candles. The best way to describe the scent is clean sheets mixed with the scent of talcum powder.

Thunderstorms is a rather moody scent, which is so unique, it does actually smell like that tense moment before a storm starts. Its a masculine scent, but I like it's angsty undertones so I would still wear it, perfect unisex fragrance you could share with your partner.

These two scents are nominated for Boots' Fragrance Foundation Awards, so if you'd like to vote, you have until Wednesday the 22nd to select your fragrance favourites. By voting for your favourites you are automatically entered into a prize draw to win £250 worth of fragrance goodies from Boots.

Library of Fragrance scents are stocked on their website and at selected Boots stores/ Boots online, pricing starts at £15.

Have you cast your vote? Which Library of Fragrance scents do you like?

*This post contains PR samples

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Burberry Kisses Lipstick in Sepia Review

Burberry have tapped into the connection between bloggers and sense of community on Twitter, they grabbed the opportunity to showcase their new lipsticks and give out some free samples with an amazing social media campaign.

By nominating a fellow blogger via their app and tweeting your nomination, they would receive a Burberry Kisses lipstick sample, I dished them out to people I chat to the most online. The lovely Jacqueline kindly sent me a request to receive a sample back.

There were four shades to choose from, if I remember correctly, there was a red, pink, nude and a pink nude, called Sepia, which is the one I choose. It's an easy every day shade that I knew would suit me.

First of all, I was really impressed with the quality of the sample, it was exactly like the full size products. It features the same Burberry check embossing on the lipstick tube and even it's on the lipstick bullet.

As for the shade, it's a dark pink nude, which is very similar to those Kylie Jenner shades that are hella popular right now. It's a more sheer formula compared to those of MAC, but this makes it very comfortable to wear and build-able.

I think this sample will last me a few months as I have so many lipsticks on rotation. Question is after all this effort that Burberry has gone through to promote this product, would I buy the full size for £25?
I think I would ask for one for as a birthday present or save up rewards points towards one. I'm a girl who hates forking out £15.50 for a MAC lipstick, so I'd save it as a treat or a gift.

Did you manage to get a sample? What do you think of Burberry Kisses lipsticks?

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Show Me Your Nudes - MAC Nude Lipstick Collection

I was always scared of nude lipstick shades, I'd imagine concealer lips everytime a shade was mentioned. Little did I know that nude includes, neutrals, pinks and browns, meaning their is a shade for everyone.

As I am pale, I tend to lean towards warmer shades, which complement my skin. I also like pink nude shades for the spring. With my NW10 skintone, I stay away from true nudes, which look awful on me.

I thought I'd share my MAC nude lipstick collection in the hope it may inspire some pale ladies to pick up a new nude shade, don't be scared ladies!

Please Me
A perfect matte nude pink shade. It reminds me of the matte pinks in the 60s so I team this with smoky eyes and cat flick eyeliner to complete the 60s kitten look.

A lighter, perkier shade compared to Please Me. An excellent shade, which is comfortable on the lips due to it's Lustre finish.

Creme Cup
My first ever MAC lipstick, I picked it as it's super safe. I think this light pink nude shade would suit a number of skintones. An easy first lipstick for those who don't own a MAC lipstick.

Viva Glam 2
I would say this lipstick has the most brown pigment in it compared to the rest of my collection. Sometimes it is a little difficult for me to wear, as I have super pale skin. I reserve it for a lip plumping, ombre lip, using Viva Glam 2 as the base and outside darker edge. I then pop a more pinker hue in the middle to lighten the centre and make my lips look bigger.

My all time favourite nude shade, Patisserie is a perfect mix of a brown and pink nude. It's super comfortable on the lips as it has creamy formula. I've heard blogger, Vivianna Does Makeup talk about this a few times, if it's good enough for her, then it's good enough for me.

Velvet Teddy
I purchased this before the Kylie Jenner hype and wasn't impressed. It's a flat nude, which on my lip colour, tends to look overly brown. I do rescue this shade with a pink nude lipliner underneath to perk it up.

Which MAC nude shades do you love? Any recommendations on what to pick up?

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Chester Zoo Photo Diary

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I really enjoyed putting my first ever photo diary together and was proud of the photographs I took, you can view it here, so I decided I'd select my favourite images from my recent trip to Chester Zoo.

We arrived on the sunny Bank Holiday Monday and were overwhelmed by the number of families. I'd advise going on a weekday if possible to avoid the crowds, that being said we really enjoyed looking at the animals and exhibits.

Each display had information boards, helping you spot characteristics and learn about each animal. I feel they had a great range of animals, but not enough keepers telling you personally about the animals, I would have liked to ask some questions.

A lot of the animals were in enclosures with glass screens, so it was hard to get clear images, here are some of my favourite images I managed to snap while we walked around.

Have you been to Chester Zoo? Where should I visit next?

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