Monday 22 December 2014

NV Colour Cosmetics Review and Swatches - Eye Crayon in Cinnamon, Lip Crayon in Mocha and Lipstick in Siren

Lovers of bold lips and bright eyes should check out NV Colour Cosmetics, their products pack a punch. I’ve been trying out three products from their range, the Chunky Lip Crayon in Mocha* (£5) the Chunky Eye Crayon in Cinnamon* (£5), and the Lipstick in Siren* (£6). It’s safe to say these colours are vibrant and well pigmented, ideal for make-up artists.

NV Colour Cosmetics Review

I went for the Chunky Eye Crayon in Cinnamon as I loved the burnt bronze shade, I thought it would be ideal for a smoky eye. It’s incredibly easy to apply, I just scribble over my lid or just in the outer ‘v’ and blend with a MAC 217. Its creamy formula makes it a dream to blend and smoke out. It sets and lasts all day.

NV Colour Cosmetics Chunky Eye Pencil in Cinnamon Review Swatch

The Lip Crayon in Mocha has the same easy application, I would say this is creamier than the eye version but this makes it comfortable on the lips and moisturising. It’s a lovely brown with a pink hue, similar to the ever popular 90s nude lip that everyone is loving. I do have to reapply during the day but it’s expected with a moisturising formula.

NV Colour Cosmetics Chunky Lip Crayon in Mocha Review Swatch

The Siren Lipstick is a show stopper; it’s a vibrant red, reminiscent of the 1950s glamourous red lip that the film stars wore, hence its name. The red hue perks up your complexion, so would be ideal for those days whether you need a pick me up. Again it has lovely moisturising finish but it also has a slight stain, which is noticeable when the lipstick starts to wear off. The best feature of this lipstick is the magnetic closure, I could click it all day. You can just drop the lid onto the tube and it gives a satisfying magnetic click shut. It’s all about packaging as well as product for me and this scores highly.

NV Colour Cosmetics Lipstick in Siren Swatch Review
 Here are some swatches, these are just from one swipe from the bullet.

NV Colour Cosmetics Mocha Cinnamon Siren Swatches and Review

I would recommend the NV Colour Cosmetics range, they are highly pigmented for the price.

You can purchase the items on:
*PR Sample


  1. Ooh the cinnamon eye crayon looks stunning, I really love that burnt smokey eye look too!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  2. i really need to up date my make up!

  3. These look like such great products, I've never tried anything from NV Colour before but will definitely consider them in the future! x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  4. Love the look of the red lip shade!

  5. These all sound awesome, and I just love the colour of the lipstick! x

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