Monday, 28 January 2019

Gym Makeup Duo

Yes, I know wearing makeup in the gym is bad for you! However, as I have quite a bit of acne scarring, I need a little coverage even when going to the gym. Having a more even complexion gives me the confidence I need while working out.

Gym Makeup - Garnier CC Cream in Light and Glossier Stretch Concealer in Light Review

The Garnier BB Cream has been around for years, it was probably one of the first BB creams to become widely available to the Western market. I purchased the Oily to Combination Skin formula in the shade Light. Unfortunately, this product has a poor colour selection, I believe it only comes in Light and Medium. I'm a MAC NC15 for reference and the Light shade is slightly too dark for me.

I use my fingers to work the BB Cream into the skin, I find a brush tends to create streaks as you apply. Using your fingers really helps you to work the product into the skin. The consistency is light and moisturising, it doesn't feel too heavy and has a nice subtle glow on the skin.

The one thing that the Garnier BB Cream does not cover is my under eye circles, so I do need a touch of concealer to cancel out the purple tones.

I use the Glossier Stretch Concealer in the shade Light, which is a better colour match for me compared to the BB Cream. I lightly pat this under my eyes, it's a moisturising formula, which again works best when applied with your fingers. It creates a brightening effect, which is ideal for a minimal makeup look.

Both products combined give me the confidence to go to the gym, they are sweat proof and can be easily be removed after your workout. I don't think that either product would stay on all day due to their moisturising formulas but they are both quick and easy products to wear in the gym.

Do you wear makeup to the gym?
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  1. I don't wear makeup to a workout often but when I do I definitely like to cancel out my tomatoe face and BB cream is awesome for that. x

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