Thursday, 27 September 2018

Rimmel Base Products - Hit or Miss?

I’m always on the hunt for new base products, I picked up the Match Perfection Foundation and the Powder up on a whim. I thought they could be a good affordable option to wear in work. I knew the foundation was a medium coverage but didn’t know what the lasting power would be like, so also purchased the powder from the same range.

My skin has really improved over the last few years, fewer breakouts and oils compared to my teens. This means that I can opt for a light to medium base, then apply concealer to any blemishes if I have any.

The Rimmel Match Perfection foundation has a buildable formula, it feels light on the skin and coverage any redness. Big blemishes or dark scars do need additional coverage, so keep this in mind if you purchase.

The foundation does need powdering and lasts for 4 hours on me before oils start to come to the surface. It’s easy to blot those away though. I much prefer a lighter coverage foundation and blotting than a mask like, heavy formula that is uncomfortable.

The Match Perfection Powder is a loose powder formula that comes in a plastic pot with holes to allow small amounts of product through. Once you take the sticker off the holes, there is nothing keeping the product in bar a round face puff. I don’t use the puff to apply the foundation, I much prefer a brush, but I keep it to use to cover the holes. For this reason, I don’t think this product would travel well. You might end up with a powder explosion!

I’ll continue to use both the foundation and powder from Rimmel as they work as a cheap option to wear for work. I’d love to know what foundation you like to wear for work, send me your suggestions!


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  1. I actually never tried this foundation, mostly because Rimmel does not carry my shade here for some odd reason (their lightest shade isn't light enough..which kinda turns me off from getting it) but I am very curious about that powder! One of my favourite youtubers (sophdoesnails) raves it all the time!!

    Wishing you all the best,


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