Sunday 29 April 2018

The Flower Cup Chester Review

I’d originally discovered The Flower Cup in Chester through Instagram. A friend had shared their Instagrammable d├ęcor and food, and from that photo I knew I had to visit.

The Flower Cup Chester Review - Food and Decor

The Flower Cup is a small coffee shop in the centre of Chester. The interior ticks all the trend boxes with marble topped tables, plenty of greenery, cute wall hangings and peacock chairs.

My boyfriend and I visited them for brunch a little while ago. Just to let you guys know, we paid for our own meals, this wasn’t a collaboration in exchange for free food. I genuinely love the place, so I thought it might be good to share my experience and support a local business.

The menu options are amazing, they also have a vegan menu with plenty of options which is refreshing to see! Most things can be customised by adding or taking away ingredients. I loved so much on the menu, I found it hard to choose something, I just wanted it all.

I was in the mood for something savoury, so I opted for the Breakfast Taco. This was two tortilla wraps filled to the brim with yummy avocado, halloumi, rocket and salsa. It was heavenly!

I’ve also previously had their Hash which contains, sweet potato and chorizo hash, fried egg, avocado and it’s delivered to your table in a skillet pan with plenty of chunky bread. I can also recommend this.

I’m yet to try their cakes, which always look incredible in the glass display, as their brunch menu items are so filling and hearty!

Not only is the Flower Cup a coffee shop, you can also buy beautiful floral arrangements and cute succulents and attend flower workshops too.

I highly recommend visiting The Flower Cup if you are passing through Chester!

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