Friday 27 April 2018

Hair by Martyna in Chester

I didn’t realize how bad the condition of my hair was until Martyna worked her magic! I was invited by Martyna to come and experience her hairdressing skills and see the beautiful salon she works within.

Mode Salon in Chester has that stunning white, minimalist interior d├ęcor, but it’s the personal touches that Martyna adds that makes the experience so enjoyable.

As I sat down, I was offered a refreshment, they even serve wine! Can you imagine sipping on a glass of wine while you get a new do and a pamper, heavenly! You could also request to borrow a phone charger so you can scroll through Instagram at your leisure.

Martyna asked me to talk through my hair type and what I do to style it. As you may know from reading my blog, I have naturally curly hair which I blow dry and straighten religiously. As I’m trying to grow the layers out, Martyna advised on what length to cut my hair.

Happy with my consultation and Martyna’s advice, I was taken over to the sink wash. She used Davines haircare products, which you might have heard about before through the beauty blogging community. Not only is their packaging very Instagrammable, Davines haircare is created by using eco-friendly renewable energy sources, how amazing?!

I was treated to a relaxing head massage as Martyna washed my hair, next up was the cut. As you can see, she did take a few inches off to get rid of the dead ends and damaged hair. My curly hair is usually so hard to blow dry but she created silky smooth locks.

Since having my hair cut by Martyna, it looks so much more shiny and healthy. It’s easier to style and I can now keep on top of keeping it in good condition.

Martyna shared some of her top tips to keep your hair in good condition:
  1. Always use heat protector. I’m currently using this one.
  2. Slowly run the straighteners down the section of hair, this is less damaging than running over it quickly more times.
  3. Always wash your hair with shampoo twice. Once to grab the dirt from the hair and the second to cleanse the scalp.
  4. Use conditioner only on the lengths of the hair to prevent it weighing the hair down and making your roots oilier quicker.
You can see Martyna's hair portfolio and get in touch via her Instagram. I highly recommend visiting her if you are in the Chester area!

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