Wednesday 27 December 2017

My New Year's Resolutions for 2018

As I’ve got older I’ve come to realise that New Year’s resolutions aren’t about dropping 10lbs in a week. I try and take a more well-rounded approach to resolutions now, it’s healthy to set life goals and the beginning of a new year is an excellent time to press the refresh button.


My mental health took a nose dive in December, bar my Grandad going into hospital, the rest was my fault. I ate bad foods and binge ate, didn’t try to do activities, had a motivation slump in work and didn’t practice any self-care. The result of my neglect was bad skin, mood swing and feeling low. Now I can see how much of an effect on me, I’m determined to get back into self-care. Small daily routines like drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, getting out for a walk and setting yourself mini targets can really lift your mood, so I’m promising myself to do them!

Think Global

During 2017, I began to think more about the environment, David Attenborough helped with this, his Blue Planet episode about the humans ruining the seas and wildlife really got to me. I know I can’t work miracles but every little helps as they say. I’m going to make more of an effort to recycle and lower my consumption by buying less of things I really don’t need, makeup included!

Keep Blogging

I’ve been blogging on and off for 7 years now, I really do enjoy it but my motivation does dip in and out. After taking a break at the end of December, I feel refreshed and ready to start blogging again. I want to share more insightful and engaging content so look out for new blog posts coming soon.

 Learn Something New

2017 felt like I stood still, not learning anything new. I’m comfortable in my job and in my relationship so there wasn’t anything pushing me to progress. I want to look back at 2018 and have learnt a few new skills, this includes work but also in my own life. I’m currently considering part time Marketing degrees, and I’m determined to improve my photography so I’m going to watch some Youtube videos and practice.

I’ve kept things simple but hopefully these resolutions will pave the way for a better year!


  1. I love how realistic these are, I really want to learn something new next year too, broaden my horizons a little bit plus I do love learning new things x

  2. These all sound like such great resolutions, some of mine are to read more and walk more every day! xx

  3. These are some really good and realistic goals for the new year. I have similar resolutions to you and I want to read more and push myself to be more independent and social. Happy New Year x


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