Sunday 10 December 2017

Can You Be A ‘Glossier Girl’ If You Love Full Coverage Makeup?

When I picture a ‘Glossier Girl’, I see a woman who has that effortlessly pretty look. She literally needs next to no make-up and has clear, glowy and glossy skin that everyone is envious. However, I am not that girl. I have acne scars and purple under-eye bags so I wouldn’t say I was the brand's target market.

Glossier Products - Stretch Concealer, Boy Brow and Generation G

I did, however, get sucked into the hype and I ordered a few key pieces from the range. Usually, I’d opt for a medium coverage foundation, heavy duty concealer and a liberal swirl of matte powder. Glossier has got me rethinking my makeup routine, do I really need to cake the makeup on? I’ve noticed that a matte base really sits in my fine lines and exaggerates any texture I have, with the help of Glossier, I have been opting for something a little more glowy.

I tried out my new minimal look by using the Dior DiorSkin Nude BB Crème as a light base. I’ve watched the Anna Edit use their pot concealer in videos plenty of times so I used the Stretch Concealer under my eyes, around the redness on my nose and over any pigmented areas.

The Stretch Concealer has a luminous look instead of the normal matte look I usually go for under the eyes. What I struggle with was not the glowy look under the eyes, it was a lighter coverage. My under-eye bags are purple hue so they do need a fair bit to disguise them. I slapped on 3 layers of the Glossier concealer before I was happy but surely that’s not the point of it?!

I’ve never been a fan of ‘Instagram brows’ where you use a brow pomade and concealer to carve out the shape, but I do use a brow pencil to create a shape to my unruly brows. I couldn’t forgo the pencil but I used a lighter touch and then added the Glossier Boy Brow over the top. The tiny brush combed through the brows and grabbed each hair creating a more ‘bushy’ look.

The last change I made to my makeup routine was a ‘just blotted’ lip. If I do wear a lipstick, I tend to line my lips or use the edge of the lipstick to create a defined shape. I picked up the Generation G Lipstick from Glossier in Crush. This is a beautiful raspberry pink, applying it straight from the bullet, it added a matte but moisturising colour to my lips. I liked the rawness and less groomed look to it. It's a product you can apply without a mirror which I love.

So I may not be a Glossier model just yet, but I have embraced glossy textures and avoided caked on textures. Have you embraced the 'Glossier Girl' look?

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  1. I personally haven't really 'bought into' the base products so much - I prefer my Nars! Though I do log the subtle lips, cream blusher and low-maintenance brow products for busy weekday mornings :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  2. Such a good post, I definitely need more coverage than the Glossier look! Having said that for everything else like brows, cheek and lip colour I absolutely love it, I swear by the Boy Brow now

  3. I really need to try Glossier makeup! However, my look is 'go hard or go home', I will either do a full face or not wear anything! I suppose Glossier is good for those in-between days! XX

  4. I have yet to venture into the Glossier brand but I really want to! I've taken a couple peeks at their blushes and lipsticks, but and still internally debating is they're worth the purchase. I do prefer a little bit more of a full coverage but I'm always willing to experiment. xx

    Dany | Danielle Reine


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