Thursday 26 October 2017

Jurlique Chester 25 Minute Facial Treatment Review

Jurlique is a brand I've wanted to know more about for ages. I've seen lots of bloggers talk about their products especially their mists, so when I was invited to try their new 25-minute facial treatment at my local Debenhams store.

Jurlique Chester Counter in Debenhams Browns of Chester

I met with the lovely Amelia who is the Counter Manager in Chester, her counter is beautiful. She chatted to about the brand's Australian history and their natural ingredient ethos. I was very happy to hear that all their skincare ingredients are grown and collected on their farm in the Adelaide Hills.

Jurlique's natural skincare products on the shelves.

Amelia asked me about my current skincare routine and any concerns I have. At the moment, with the change in seasons, my skin is super sensitive and dry. I do get the occasional spot, but the tight, overly sensitive state of my skin was the aspect I wanted to work on.

The 25-minute facial treatment takes place away from the shop floor in a quiet room with a treatment bed, spa music and candles burning, a very relaxed environment. I was asked to choose between three essential oil scents, I liked the fragrance of the revitalising one, this was used to scent the treatment.

The treatment began with cleansing the skin, Amelia opted for skincare products from the line that were tailored to sensitive skin. The routine included the Soothing Foaming Cleanser, this was used twice as a double cleanse, Purity Specialist Compress as a detoxing treatment to be used weekly, Daily Exfoliator, which softens the dead skin cells, in a more gentle way than chemical exfoliators. This was then followed by the Calendula Mist, Restorative Treatment Serum, Herbal Recovery Advanced Eye Serum, Herbal Recovery Advanced Day Cream.

The mist felt wonderful on the skin, it instantly helped to soothe the skin. She also gave me a hand, arm and shoulder massage which was incredibly relaxing. I also loved the feeling of the Herbal Recovery Advanced Day Cream, it felt lightweight and very hydrating.

I left the treatment room feeling very calmed and revitalised. My skin was calmed and soothed and the quality of my skin had instantly improved. I can highly recommend the Jurlique 25-minute Facial Treatment, especially if you like to use natural products and ingredients in your skincare routine.

A selection of Jurlique skincare products at the Chester counter



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