Wednesday 11 October 2017

3ina Makeup Tested and Reviewed

I recently tried out 3ina's bestselling makeup products which I fell in love with. A second PR parcel arrived with more 3ina goodies to put to the test.

3ina Eye Gloss, Eyebrow Kit, Duo Eyeshadow and Gel Eyeliner Review

The first product is the Gel Eyeliner in 802, which is a bright teal green. Although this worked well and was pigmented, I just don't see many people reaching for it due to its colour. However, I think makeup artists would be interested in this shade for creating vibrant looks. It could even be used all over the lid as an eyeshadow. I'd be interested in trying the black version of this product.

The Eyebrow Kit is let down by the brushes inside, they aren't as precise as I would like when doing my brows. The powder and wax work well with a different angled brush. The powder worked through the brows well and so did the wax.

Next up is the Duo Eyeshadow in 602. This arrived smashed which would make me wary of purchasing any other shades. The colour combination wasn't that wearable together, a frost pale white/cream shade and a matte terracotta pink. The eyeshadows had reasonable pigment but they were a little powdery.

3INA Eye Gloss, Eyebrow Kit, Duo Eyeshadow and Gel Eyeliner Review

The Eye Gloss in 500 is a very odd product. It feels like sticky vaseline when applied to the eye. The packaging says this eye gloss can be used on its own or over eyeshadow. I tried it with just foundation and powder on my eyelid and used the sponge applicator. It dragged and pulled away some of the foundation from underneath. I think makeup artists may be able to work with this product but for me, it's a miss.

Have you tried anything from this brand?

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