Monday 18 September 2017

Lush Dream Cream - Why It Really Works Wonders!

Most Lush products are a treat for the senses, explosions of colour and scent every time you have a bath. However, Dream Cream has to be their most boring product but it’s my go-to body moisturiser.

Lush Dream Cream Body Moisturiser Review - Post Shave Moisturiser for Legs

On the label under the ‘Good to Know’ section, there is a passage which says ‘We have files of customer letters telling us of their lifetime of skin troubles they have suffered from until they met Dream Cream. If it suits your skin, this product could make a massive difference to you too.’ I can fully agree with this, I suffer from terrible sore and itchy skin after shaving my legs. It makes me want to claw at my skin, I’ve tried hundreds of products including eczema cream (which was way too thick) to try and combat it. I stumbled across Dream Cream while browsing in my local Lush store.

After I have shaved my legs and get out of the shower, I rub Dream Cream straight onto my legs. It instantly soothes the skin and stops the itch. I have noticed that my legs haven’t become as red and rashy as they normally would since I started using it.

It’s a yellow coloured cream that is the perfect consistency, not too thick or too watery. It feels buttery as you apply it on the skin and it just melts in. Oat milk is used to calm and soothe the skin. It has a light malty fragrance but nothing that irritates the skin. It also contains skin softening cocoa butter, and relaxing lavender oil, no wonder it’s called Dream Cream!

When you Google the product name, hundreds of reviews come up stating it really helps eczema, so if you are a long-term sufferer, I think it is well worth trying!

Although it seems a little price for a body moisturiser, I highly recommend it. I have repurchased this time and time again and cannot be without it!

A small 100g pot of Lush Dream Cream is £6.95, the 240g is £13.95 and the larger 450g is £22.95.

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  1. Definitely need to try this it sounds like a total dream! Lovely post x

    Anika |

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