Friday 29 September 2017

Could This Makeup Brush Change The Way You Apply Makeup? Magnitone BlendUp Vibra-Sonic Makeup Blending Brush Review

It's not often you see a new innovative beauty product that could change how you apply makeup. The beauty market is over saturated with ideas and product designs which are not unique, but this new release from Magnitone sparked interest!

Magnitone's BlendUp Vibra-Sonic Makeup Blending Brush is a unique beauty tool that vibrates to help blend makeup. Their Vibra-Sonic technology means that the brush works at 250 movements per second which is incredible. The technology was teamed with expert advice from top makeup artist, Paul Herrington, to create a brush that blends makeup seamlessly and effortlessly.

Magnitone BlendUp Vibra-Sonic Makeup Blending Brush Review

The brush is multi-use and can be used to blend foundation, contour, blush and bronzer, working on both powder and cream formulas. There are also interchangeable heads, the one that comes when purchased is the SmoothBlend option, there is also a FeatherBlend and BuffBlend. These would be so handy for makeup artists to swap throughout the makeup look to suit different formulas.

Magnitone BlendUp Vibra-Sonic Makeup Blending Brush Review

Every beauty tool, whether that a sponge or a brush, should be cleaned regularly to prevent the spread of bacteria which can cause spots. You’ll be glad to know that the fibres on the BlendUp brush are anti-bacterial and there is also a cleaning setting. You simply hold down the button on the handle for 3 seconds and you should hear a beep. Then the brush will vibrate in its cleaning mode, you just dip the brush head into water with a little bit of your favourite brush cleanser.

The BlendUp brush also comes with a handy USB charger, I plug mine either into my laptop or use my iPhone plug. A 2-hour charge will last you 1000 minutes of usage!

I’ve been testing the Magnitone BlendUp brush with a number foundations to see how they all compare. It does take some getting used to, you don’t really need to push the brush over the skin, just use a gentle touch and the vibrations do the work. It’s easiest when you dot the foundation over your skin and then blend.

Now, the brush is priced at £70., for some this might be out of reach. However, if you need some justification to buy it, there are reasons I think you might enjoy it. I previously used Beauty Blenders and these aren’t cheap for a sponge, I replace them every few months when they look worse for wear, the total of all the sponges I have bought probably comes to £70 anyway. The tool can be used with both powder and cream products, saving your need for separate brushes too.

The Magnitone BlendUp Vibra-Sonic Makeup Blending Brush is launching 1st October on their website. Sign up to their waitlist to receive exclusive discounts and see the launch before anyone else! 

*I am a Magnitone Ambassador and this post contains affiliate links

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  1. I've heard so much about this. I don't think I'd spend £70 on it but it sounds intriguing nonetheless xx

    Gemma Etc.

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  3. This week, I got to try out a brand new product from the brand I’ve been dying to try out I am a professional dissertation writers and I am used a Magnitone products. I’ve always been a fan of their products, but this was the first time I’ve had the chance to try one of their new brushes. The Magnitone BlendUp Vibra-Sonic Makeup Blending Brush is a revolutionary makeup brush that uses a sonic vibration to help you apply your makeup in the best way possible. I can already tell that this brush is going to be a game changer for me.


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