Sunday 2 July 2017

The £17 Chloe Nile Handbag Dupe

After I saw both Fleur de Force and Lydia Millen bag the beige/nude Chloe Nile handbag, I was in love! There is no way I could actually afford the real deal, priced at £1,150, so I hunted high and low for a dupe.

I did find one on Jessica Buuurman's website, but that was still priced at $119. I suspect that they buy from eBay and then put the price up, so always shop around.

After a few hours of searching through eBay, I came across this Chloe Nile dupe which was just £16.97 and it also had free postage and packing. I know items like this can take a while to arrive as they usually come from China, however, this one can within a week of ordering.

Beige handbag which is a dupe of the Chloe Nile

I haven't see the original Chloe Nile in real life but from YouTube videos, it's more of a mid tone nude, where as this affordable dupe is more on the browny beige side.

The copy has the same gold hoop and riveting detail around the sides of the bag. It also comes with a strap you can add to the bag to make it fit across the body. It's quite small inside but can fit the essentials like your iPhone, small purse and some makeup.

Close up of the gold hoop on the Chloe Nile dupe
Strap details on the Chloe Nile dupe handbag
Inside the Chloe Nile dupe handbag

I imagine that the Chloe version has buttery soft leather and incredibly neat stitching, the eBay dupe is made from plastic and does have obvious stitching but I wouldn't say it's bad quality for the price.

Close up of the Chloe Nile dupe handbag
Back of the Chloe Nile dupe handbag

They also have black, pink and cream versions of the Chloe Nile Dupe. The beige/nude one I have keeps going in and out of stock so keep checking the links below...



  1. This bag looks beautiful I think it looks identical but obviously not as nice quality ha ha I have ordered the black and white one but I like this colour as well!! X

    1. Looking forward to seeing what the black and white one looks like!

  2. I can't believe just how good of a dupe this bag is! Its gorgeous!! x

  3. I'm soooo getting this!! ��

  4. It looks super cute but I just don't think I could ever buy a dup personally but each to there own.

    1. I do wish I had the money for the real one but a dupe will have to do for now!

  5. I love this!! Such a great dupe x

  6. definately enjoy every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff of your blog a must read blog! Shoulder Bags


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