Thursday 20 July 2017

Affordable Glitter for Eye Makeup Looks - NYX Glitter Primer and Face & Body Glitter Review

I really enjoy doing my makeup before a night out, it's an excuse to use glitter! I would usually try and pack on glittery eyeshadows for an eye catching night out makeup look, but I recently invested in the NYX Glitter Primer and the NYX Face & Body Glitter in 08, a gold shade.

NYX Glitter Primer and Face & Body Glitter in 08

I put the primer to the test over my normal eyeshadow, as I wanted to see if it creased the shadow underneath. I dotted a tiny of the primer onto my ring finger and patted it over my lid. It didn't feel sticky, it was more like a thin cream consistency and it didn't crease at all. 

The Face & Body Glitter comes in a tiny tub which has a few holes in the top, I find it easiest to tap some of the glitter into the lid. I then used a flat, dense brush to pat the glitter over the lid.

The glitter adhered to the primer really well and it was easy to build up the intensity. I didn't have any issues with uneven pigment over the lid and it had minimal fallout. The glitter isn't too chunky and catches the light beautifully, as you can see in this photo from my Instagram.

There are 12 shade options in the glitter range, the gold I choose was the most neutral in the selection, I do want to purchase the copper shade next. Festival goers will love their bright pink and teal shades, you could use the primer on the body to create glittery designs.

As they are so affordable I would highly recommend both the NYX Glitter Primer, £8 and the Face & Body Glitter, £5.50.




  1. Bloody love a glittery eye look. Defo going to be picking up a pot of this ASAP!
    Lottie x


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