Thursday 27 April 2017

Stress-Free Living

I will hold my hands up and say sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed by life. Work, blogging, relationships, friends and family all demand so much of my time, so it’s easy to forget to take time out for yourself.

I’m terrible at letting things build up and get on top of me, then I’m stressing about keep all the plates spinning. I’ve recently been researching how to live a more stress-free, wholesome life. I’ve found inspiration from Lady Carole Bamford, who runs her own lifestyle blog, which has plenty of ideas. She also has an organic farm called Daylesford. Daylesford provides the ultimate get away, with beautiful holiday cottages, a cookery school and a spa, but I’ll be adopting her at home ideas for now to practice a bit of self-care. These following points are how I’ve been adapting my lifestyle to make it a little less stressful.

Home and Garden Room at Daylesford Farm
Digital Detox
I know that everyone is jumping on the ‘digital detox’ bandwagon, but honestly the clarity it gives your mind is amazing. I try not use my phone when not necessary at the weekend. I’m usually out with friends or family, so I just enjoy the time I have with them instead of constantly checking my phone. It’s helped better relationships through face to face communication.

Yoga has always been a great calming exercise for me, and it can be done anywhere. Carole has a great piece about yoga breathing techniques on her blog, which I found helpful.

I have recently lost half a stone and started making better choices about my food. I now find if I have a bad day and binge, my body isn’t used to the food. I almost feel like I have a food hangover the next day. Yes, I do have the odd cheat meal but I’m thinking about how the food will make me feel and trying to avoid just binging, treats in small amounts!

I find when life gets stressful I tend to get lazy with my beauty routines, relying too much on dry shampoo and face wipes to get me through the week. I’ve now being making the time to do a full skincare routine and enjoying little pamper evenings a few times a week. They are amazing for recharging your batteries and your body thanks you for the pamper!

I’d love to know how you cope with life’s stresses and unwind?

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  1. Yes to digital detox and yoga, both are so helpful!

  2. I still haven't found good coping mechanisms.

    I'm trying to be more organised, to get more sleep as well, because I find when I'm stressed, a lack of routine makes it worse. Getting in to bed early, with some music, reading a bit as well.

    I just need to chill out, because ultimately the stress isn't worth it.

    Shanelle || SLovesAutumn


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