Monday 24 April 2017

How To Use Your Makeup Collection for Blog Post Ideas

Whether you have a nice and neat makeup bag or drawers filled to the brim, we beauty bloggers love our makeup collections! I thought I’d share some ideas from my notebooks in honour of National Stationery Week, so get your pen and paper to jot these down!

New Additions 
New products you have recently bought are the easiest way to add content, but they don’t have to feature just once. You can include them in a haul and tell the reader why you choose to purchase the item, what drew you in? Once you have tried the product, you can then write some notes on your first impressions and then follow up with a separate post on how it has performed long-term.

Ingredient Focus
Have a look at your favourite skincare; do they all contain the same ingredient? I adore glycolic acid so I have a few beauty products which contain it. I rounded them all together and compared how I use them and their effectiveness.

Makeup Look
I’m terrible at reaching for new products and trying a new look. Dust off that old eyeshadow palette and use the colours you didn’t dare try before, stay away from the go-to neutrals. You can document how you pulled the look together and include pictures.

Shop Your Stash
You might have heard this phrase before, it’s when you go to your collection and pick out the items that haven’t seen much love recently and put them back in your makeup bag. Write down why you fell out of love with them and if you have managed to enjoy using them again.

I love watching decluttering makeup collection videos on Youtube, then I’ll go and sort my beauty drawers out. Show what you are choosing to throw away and write up mini reviews on them before you bin them.

The beauty posts I find the most helpful are the ones which compare two products, especially when I am looking for a new foundation or mascara. If you own a few foundations that are similar, why not write up a helpful review and compare them.

I love looking through my makeup collection and noting down ideas, I hope this post make you look at your stash with fresh eyes, ready to create more content!


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