Monday 6 February 2017

January's Consumptions

"How much of this stuff do you actually use?!" That's what my mum said as she attempted to close my beauty drawers. I am lucky to receive a number of products throughout the year and also adding to my collection with a Boots haul every month. My beauty collection is just getting out of hand.

As a little bet to myself, I want to aim to 'consume' between 100-150 products this year, this isn't me being greedy - it's kind of like Project Pan. Products that are near expiration are the first to try and use up, then items which are less than half full. I'm also going to be making notes on whether I liked the products I managed to finish and whether I would repurchase them.

I'll also be having clear out throughout the year, I have a habit of holding on to things that didn't work for me or things I like that are past their expiration dates. These will also be added to the list and a reason noted why I threw it away.

I will not be keeping the empty packaging as I use things up as I am limited to space. So what did I manage to finish in January?

Soap and Glory Archery Brow Pencil in Blondeshell 
The only brow product I will use religiously, I already have repurchased.

Cetaphil Rich Moisturiser Lotion
If you have been following my Roaccutane journey, you will know that this is the only product that keeps my skin hydrated and stops it from itching.  I have already repurchased, can't live without it at the moment.

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel
This was included in the Lily and Anna Box from Cult Beauty last year. I enjoyed using this, as it turned from a gel to an oil, so it felt nourishing on the skin. Since using this up I have switched to the Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm, but I would repurchase this in future.

Origins Eye Doctor
Roaccutane has given me extremely dry eyes so this is heavenly to use. It's a nourishing cream which keeps dehydrated eyes looking perky. I have already repurchased.

Sure Maximum Protection Stick Deodorant
I feel that spray deodorants don't work at preventing me from sweating but this roll on does. It's worth the £5 price tag. I have already repurchased.

Chloe Roll-On Perfume
I bought this while in Barcelona, so this must have been nearly 2 years old. It was incredibly handy for travel so if I go to a Sephora again I will pick one up.

Yankee Candle Soft Blanket Candle
This is my favourite scent from Yankee Candle, it's a soft cotton smell, which is so relaxing. I had the large jar and it had lasted me so long. I have already repurchased.

Charles Worthington Texturising Spray
Some backcombing sprays are very sticky and leave your hair feeling greasy. This one is a mixture of a hairspray and a dry shampoo so it's wonderfully light. I would repurchase this again, once I have used other haircare items up.

The Nautral Candle Company Green Tea Soy Candle
This didn't give off a strong scent, so will not be repurchasing.

Twig and Dot Uplifting Candle
I'm not sure if this company is still operating. This was part of a blogger care package from them. I liked the scent, but I have lots of candles at the moment so wouldn't repurchase.

So in the month of January, I used up 10 items! I plan to have a clear out during February so that list will hopefully be longer!

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