Sunday 5 February 2017

Chester Lush Reopening Event

One of the reasons I love shopping at Lush is their amazing visual merchandising, it’s so different from any other store. It draws on your senses and encourages you to interact with the products. My local Lush store in Chester has recently had a huge refurbishment and an update to the displays.

I was invited to their launch event, to preview the store’s new look. I was wowed from the moment I walked in. The Chester store looked great to begin with but they managed to make it look even more impressive!

The store layout was much more open, making it easier to explore. The different categories of products, soaps, bath bombs, skincare, haircare and gifting were designated sections, as well as areas where the items could be demonstrated.

My photos just don't do the Chester Lush store justice, I urge you to pay a visit yourself if you are in the area!



  1. I've only ordered from online - never actually been in a Lush store. Unfortunately, there are no locations around me whatsoever. They look so fun, though!

    Sara |

    1. I love the experience of going into a store and seeing everything, such a shame you don't have one near you!


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