Tuesday 15 March 2016

Sk:n Clinics Chester Launch Event

It’s not very often that blogger events happen on my doorstep in Chester. The Sk:n Clinics, who specialise in medical dermatology treatments have just opened their Chester branch. For someone who has suffered from acne for a decade, this is exciting news for me. I’ve looked at their treatments online a few times while researching treatments to reduce my acne and acne scarring. I attended their launch event so I could get a feel for the clinic and what they had to offer.

Skin Clinics Chester Launch Event
Sk:n Clinics offer a range of treatments, there are many options for your skin concerns, whether that be wrinkles, fine lines, acne, sun damage and tattoo removal to name a few. Their specialists have years of industry knowledge and experience, recommending treatments with unbiased views.

While at the clinic, I had the opportunity to see a live demonstration of botox injections and fillers. The patient wanted to smooth out any lines on her forehead and the ‘smokers’ lines around her mouth. Sadly, I couldn’t take any photos of the procedure but it was very interesting to witness.
The consultant chatted with us about the different layers of skin and facial muscles. The eyes in particular are the most important to get right, botox in the wrong place can lead to a furrowed brow or droopy eyes. She drew a series of white dots and lines on the patient so we could see the precise points where she would inject the product. A set of little injections, which weren’t a gruesome as I expected and the treatments were done. She really de-mystified the procedure. I’m not in the market for botox or fillers but it was amazing to see how it works for future reference if I did decide to have treatment.

Skin Clinics Chester Launch Event

Talking to one of the consultants, I found that they really listened to your concerns and gave great advice on what treatments would be best suited. They said if someone wants a treatment they do not feel would be beneficial they won’t carry out the procedure. It was reassuring that you trust them wholeheartedly with your treatment.

I was recommended a HydraFacial or a series of peels to help my acne scarring, which I’m very interested in trying. I’m currently on the waiting list to see a dermatologist so we will see if they recommend similar treatments.

There are Sk:n Clinics across the country, not just the one in Chester, offering a range of treatments, see what they can offer you at https://www.sknclinics.co.uk/


  1. This was really interesting. It's good to know that they wouldn't just carry out a treatment they didn't think would be beneficial. I'll have to see if there's one near me. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  2. I'm having a few skin problems at the moment, wish there was one near me! xx

  3. Thank you for this helpful blog.

  4. I live in Chester and I need a skin consultation so I might pop down and see if they can help me out! Fab review xxx

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