Tuesday 22 March 2016

Senso Riley Heels and Quay My Girl Sunglasses

Shoes - I never really invest in them. Most of the time you can find me in Primark ballet pumps, but I had an itch I needed to scratch with these Senso Riley heels. I'd been eyeing them up for years, Senso, an Australian brand, has been featured on some of the best fashion blogs and well I NEEDED these Riley heels. Browsing ASOS, I found them in the sale and I also had an extra discount code to use. They were in my basket within seconds!

Senso Riley Heels, Quay My Girl Marble Sunglasses

Senso Riley Heels Fashion Blogger
Anyone else feel like they have to browse 15878 pages of ASOS before they check out in case they miss something?!
Well while searching, I saw that Quay sunglasses were stocked on their website. I'd seen Sabrina from A Little Obsessed wearing the marble 'My Girl' sunglasses and they looked amazing.

It was a little bit of a gamble buying sunglasses online by the two styles of 'My Girl' glasses arrived and both look amazing on. I decided to keep both styles.

As these new accessories are monochrome, I'm sure they will fit right in with my all black wardrobe!

Senso Riley Black and White ASOS Quay Marble Sunglasses
Have you updated your wardrobe with any new accessories?


  1. I loveeeee the Urban Outfitters sunglasses!!

    Lauren x | www.laurenapowers.blogspot.com

  2. Quay sunglasses looks incredible! I love the marble one you got. I had my eye on those but could not justify buying them since its better for me to get prescription sunglasses lol. Hope you post some outfit photos with them on :)

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