Tuesday 3 November 2015

How to Plan Stress-Free Christmas Shopping

I've decided to plan out some of my Christmas shopping to avoid stress and save money. If you didn't know I'm saving to move out, so spreading the costs and saving money where I can means I can enjoy Christmas and save at the same time. Hopefully, my tips will help you budget and get organised this festive season.

1. Lists
I have a terrible memory; I constantly forget things, so I live off reminder apps on my phone. I've written down everyone I buy for in my phone, that includes my family, friends, my boyfriend and work colleagues.

2. Budget
Next to each person’s name I have allocated a budget to avoid over-spending. I have also decided to buy some small reserve/emergency presents in case I forget someone or want to bulk up someone’s present. This money usually goes on little accessories like scarves, jewellery, fluffy socks and everyone’s favourite, chocolate!

3. Deciding the Gift
If they haven’t specified what they would like to receive or you want make it a surprise, take a look around online. Some shops have a specific section on their website for gift ideas, or you could even have a look at blogger’s gift guides to help narrow down your ideas and choices.

4. Discounts
Shopping online has many benefits but the best one is exclusive discounts. Shops like Mango, Topshop, ASOS and Feel Unique have fantastic discounts around the festive season. Check out shopping discount sites before you purchase and look out for free delivery. Another great tip is to sign up to newsletters so you get discount code straight to your inbox.

5. Plan your Time Wisely
While shopping online means you can order 24/7, hitting town on a Saturday afternoon to collect things will leave you stressed out. Try and go in the evening after work, check out outlet villages, like Cheshire Oaks, and retail parks which are open late and offer free parking.

6. Wrap in Advance
Don’t leave it until Christmas Eve to wrap presents, as soon as you get them, mark them off the list and wrap it as soon as possible. Remember to hide them from partners, kids and friends but most of all, enjoy your Christmas with no stress.
Now, where’s the mince pies at?!
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  1. Fab ideas, girlie!!
    I hope I will not leave it all to December and start getting the presents sorted NOW :)
    This post motivated me to start writing a list ;)
    xox Nadia

  2. Excellent advice here! I spread the cost each year, so never feel the pinch when Christmas comes. Like buy 2 of things when they're on offer through the year, just small things, and putting them away for Christmas. I now have lots of goodies to choose from for peoples gifts :)

  3. Great post. I always plan in advance and do my Christmas shopping in November. I always spot a sale or discounts and therefore save more money.



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