Thursday 12 November 2015

How to Create Skincare and a Hair Mask with Coconut Oil #SwearByIt

I've recently been converted to face oils, I love using them to take my make-up off in the evening. While researching the best oils on the market, I noticed that coconut oil was mentioned a lot as a lovely natural alternative.

Vita Coco kindly sent me a mumma and baby set of their best-selling coconut oil. I immediately started researching how best to use it. It can be used in cooking but also as skincare and haircare. So I thought I'd share with you how I've been using it as beauty treatments.

How to Cleanse your Face with Coconut Oil
The jars contain a solidified coconut oil. The best way to use it as a cleanser is to scoop a little out and warm it between your hands with circular motions. It should melt a little and become more smooth and easier to work with. Just slather this balm on, it can be used to remove your make-up or just as a basic cleanser. I just grab a flannel and use warm water to remove the excess once I'm done massaging it into the skin. 

How to Make a Face or Lip Scrub with Coconut Oil
Lots of beauty brands use sugar to create an exfoliating scrub. By mixing sugar and coconut oil in a bowl, you can create a completely natural scrub which is very affordable. I would recommend only making small batches s I'm not sure how long it would be useable for.

How to Use Coconut Oil as a Hair Mask
You can just smooth the oil over dry hair when you have warmed it up between your hands, but if you love hot oil treatments you could try heating it up first. The easiest and safest way to do this is to add an egg size amount (for long hair) into a cup and then place in a large bowl with hot water. Keep mixing the solid coconut oil until it becomes a paste-like texture. You can then massage this into split ends and leave on as a hair mask. Don't forget to wash it out after though!

I've heard many people say that coconut oil has helped acne and eczema, it's an affordable, natural alternative to many beauty products. This one from Vita Coco has been fully adapted into my pamper routine.

What do you use coconut oil for?

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  1. It's my favourite thing to use as a hair mask! Makes my hair feel totally soft and I know I'm not putting any nasty chemicals in it

    Steph -

  2. I love using coconut oil as makeup remover!! such a life saver :)

  3. Love coconut oil! I use it in cooking, face masks, face scrubs, moisturise legs after shaving, oil pulling for teeth (although this made me gag! Lol) ... Haven't used it in my hair yet and also heard its good for cleaning make up brushes! Xx

  4. I've only used it as a hair mask so far, I'm going to try it as a cleanser next. Looking forward to reading others comments to see if they have any other beauty tips for it
    Sheila Reeves @CakeReev

  5. I use coconut oil and coconut butter a lot in cooking, but have never used them as beauty products. I need to try it on my skin and hair.

  6. I love using coconut oil as a hair mask, when I've run out of my usual, treatment products or as a body moisturiser on any dry patches, like my elbows and knees. I do find it quite intense and heavy if I use it all the time though, so I prefer to reach for it every so often.

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty



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