Sunday 11 October 2015

My Weekend in #OffDutyJeans

Weekends are so precious, I don't think I'll ever get used to 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, so when the weekend comes around I make the most of the time and also the most of those few hours extra sleep.

This weekend has been a jam-packed one! Friday night was date night, Rhys and I went to watch The Martian in the cinema after a quick dinner at Nandos. 

Saturday I popped to town to run errands, wearing my new George at Asda jeans. They asked me to pick some items for their #OffDutyJeans campaign. I picked these super comfortable jeans, I'm usually a leggings kind of girl, but these weren't restricting and tight at all. I love the light wash and ripped patches on the jeans. I teamed them with a cosy knitted jumper and a khaki jacket with leather sleeves.

#OffDutyJeans with George at Asda
#OffDutyJeans with George at Asda
#OffDutyJeans with George at Asda
#OffDutyJeans with George at Asda

Jeans* - £18
Knitted Jumper* - £16
Jacket* - £35
New Balance Trainers - £55

Being a short arse I did have to roll them up but I think this added to the relaxed feel of the jeans. I would say if you are in between sizes in jeans go for the smaller size, jeans from George at Asda have plenty of stretch and come up on the larger size.

Saturday evening, I made my way to Lush in Chester. The lovely ladies at the store showed us the new Halloween and Christmas items. Expect a blog post on this soon.

Sunday quickly rolled around, I spent my afternoon in Llangollen with Rhys. It's a small, sleepy village in North Wales, set beside a beautiful river.

Why do the weekends go so quickly?!

What do you think of my #OffDutyJeans look? Have you tried any clothes from George at Asda before?

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  1. These look great on you, I actually really like how they look rolled up. I don't own any of the relaxed style one's but will have a look at these! I recently picked up Asda's new skinny jean and it's amazing and keeps it's shape but stretchy and comfortable!

    M xx

    The CSI Girls

  2. Such a comfortable looking outfit. I love wearing trainers/sneakers at the moment because its so comfortable.

    Nashia | MakeupandBeautyMayhem

  3. WOW, can't believe those are ASDA, love them! And only £18, I am on the hunt for less-restricting trousers!! Sometimes I just don't want the skinny, although my wardrobe is full of them!

  4. That jacket is beautiful! I like the leather sleeves.

  5. I have those shoes and they're the comfiest things ever!


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