Wednesday 14 October 2015

Lush Chester Halloween and Christmas VIP Blogger Event

As soon as 1st September rolled around, it was like someone flicked the on switch for Autumn, with the crisp, colder mornings and darker evenings. I’ve been checking the Lush social media channels and tweeting Lush fanatics trying to find out when the Halloween and Christmas products would be released.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Chester Lush Halloween and Christmas VIP Blogger Event, last Saturday. I’ve been to three now, all as exciting and interesting as the other!
Lush Chester Halloween and Christmas Blogger Event
The event showcased the new releases, with plenty of demos and fun facts about the products. I was surprised at the sheer volume of products that have been released, not to mention the endless gift sets. 
I was most excited about the unusual bath bombs and jellies from the new collections. I mean, everyone loves Snow Fairy, (it’s like to crack to me), but it’s the more unusual spicy scents I was looking forward to trying.
Lush Chester Halloween and Christmas Blogger Event
Lush Chester Halloween and Christmas Blogger Event
Lush Halloween Collection 2015
The Halloween collection is very limited edition, as it only runs in the month of October. A Lush favourite, Lord of Misrule is back in bath bomb and shower gel form. It’s a spicy, pepper scent, I think it would be suitable for both men and women, it’s not girly at all.
Lush Chester Halloween and Christmas Blogger Event
Sparkly Pumpkin is usually something I would avoid as it is covered in glitter, but it’s such a warming scent, I just couldn’t resist! I urge you not to judge by the glitter, and actually smell it in store.
Nightwing is another new feature to the Halloween line up, it’s a bright purple jelly in the shape of a bat.
Overall, I think this collection is great for those who don't want overpowering sugary florals, I think men would like the scents too.

Lush Christmas Collection 2015
Lovers of Snow Fairy will be glad to know, the pink sweet smelling goodness in a bottle is back. I had three bottles last year, which I have been hoarding and using sparingly. You can also experience the same amazing scent in the bath with their Father Christmas bath bomb.

If the Snow Fairy is one of your favourites, then you might like Candy Mountain and Snow Melt. They both have a similar sugary scent, and Snow Melt has tiny little stars inside, which float on the top of your bath.
Lush Chester Halloween and Christmas Blogger Event
Lush Chester Halloween and Christmas Blogger Event
Lush Chester Halloween and Christmas Blogger Event
If sugary sweet scents aren’t for you, Lush have plenty of other opinions. You need to check out the Magic of Christmas bubble bar again like the Sparkly Pumpkin, it’s an Autumnal warming scent that is like a hug in bath form.

The big red jolly fellow who delivers presents is featured on so many products, you can jiggle his belly with their Santa’s Belly shower jelly and watch him dance with the Dashing Santa bath bomb, which has plenty of energy in the bath. You can also see him in cartoon-esque form in the cute Peeping Santa bath bomb.

You’ll be spoilt for choice in the shower, as I said Snow Fairy is back along with Rose Jam shower gel. You can also get your hands on Christmas versions of the ‘Fun’ play dough.
Lush Chester Halloween and Christmas Blogger Event
Lush Chester Halloween and Christmas Blogger Event
I have just skimmed the surface of the new products, I urge you to go and check them out in store.
Thank you to the Chester Lush Team who were amazing as always! I'll be writing up a haul this week so look out for that on the blog soon.

What are your favourite releases from the Halloween and Christmas launches?

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  1. Oh girlie, how lush is this post (excuse the pun lol) 😍 I can't get over the Christmas collection and how amazing are the October limited edition ones. Now that you said not to judge the Sparkly Pumpkin by the glitter, I have to have it 😉 Wish I could've gone to the event. Keep me posted if anything interesting is going to be happening in our area xoxox Nadia

  2. Bet this event was so fun!!! I loveeee Lush! I'm so excited to purchase their Halloween and Christmas products, it gets me feeling all festive!!:) xxx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  3. I can't wait to purchase some lovely Lush Christmas products!!
    Louise |


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