Sunday 20 September 2015

If Money Was No Object Beauty Wishlist

As much as I adore some of my high street/drugstore make-up, there is always a yearning to fill my make-up bag with high end make-up. The super sleek and pretty packing, wide shade ranges and incredible quality just draws me in.

Realistically, I could never afford everything on my high end make-up list at once, so bit by bit I ask for things for birthdays and Christmas. I'm slowly accumulating some designer make-up and I treasure every piece of it.

I thought it would be fun, to show you guys what I would love my make-up bag to be filled with and you can let me know what would be inside of yours if money was no object!

What would be in your high end make-up bag? Leave me a comment below!

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  1. Chanel lipsticks and Charlotte Tilbury quads would be on my list x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  2. Such a cool post idea... I wouldn't mind a bit Tom Ford... MAC lippies and CT contour/highlight duo! Only if they weren't as pricey....haha!

  3. Maybe treat yourself to one thing every few months, you'll then build up a collection.

  4. I would literally have everything by Chanel and Charlotter Tilbury. Oh and all the new Louboutin lipsticks! (and shoes..)
    Mint Lobster


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