Thursday, 24 September 2015

5 Tips to Make a Blog Post SEO Friendly

I initially wrote this as a checklist for myself, I’m a forgetful person and wanted to make sure I had ‘ticked’ the boxes of creating an SEO friendly blog post. Here are somethings to consider before you hit publish on your latest post.

5 Tips to Make a Blog Post SEO Friendly

1. Naming photographs with SEO friendly titles
As soon as I have looked through my photographs and decided which ones I want to use, I rename them. Something like MAC_Studio_Fix_Review_NW10 is so much more useful than a generic numbered image straight from your camera.

2. ALT tags
For those who don’t know what an ALT tag is, it’s an alternative for an image on your blog post. For those who use screen readers due to eye sight problems, a word is read to them to tell them what the image is. I try to keep things simple like ‘MAC Studio Fix in NW10 Review’; this will also help your SEO.
How to add ALT tags: Upload your image and insert it into the blog post editor, now right click the image and select ‘properties’. You can now type your keyword description here in the boxes.

3. Labels
I wasn’t sure whether these helped SEO, but a few people have mentioned that this section of the blog post editor is just to section off your content. Tags and labels will just help your audience find similar content. So now I keep them short and sweet, putting posts into categories like beauty, fashion, lifestyle, product reviews, for example.

4. Search Description
When your blog post is shown in search results, it will have a short blurb which previews what the post is about; you can customise your own. You have to physically add this option to blogger, it is not a default.
How to add a Search Description - Go to the settings, then ‘search preferences’ and click edit next to ‘description’. Just select yes and save changes, they should now appear on the right hand side of your blog post.

5. Permalinks
In case you don’t know a permalink, it’s the end of the URL, which refers to the specific post or page. So for example, ‘’, the ‘if-money-was-no-object-beauty-wishlist.html’ section is the permalink. These are automatically generated by Blogger, but you can customise them to be more SEO friendly and shorter if you like. You can edit this on the right hand side editor when you are creating your post in Blogger.

I'm not an SEO expert but these are some things I picked up while working in Marketing. Of course, blogs are all about personality, so some of these tips may not fit with the style you go for. Just pick and choose which you’d like to use and hopefully, you should get some results!

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  1. So helpful! I need to start doing permalinks and descriptions! Saving because I have a head like a sieve!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  2. Great tips, luckily I do most of these already but definitely doesn't hurt to have a recap :) xx

    Ioanna |

  3. Great tips :)

  4. These are some really handy tips, definitely going to stop being so lazy and shorten my links more often.
    Lucy at Lucyy Writes xx


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