Friday 29 May 2015

Devonshire Spa Experience and New Ishga Facial

After a horrific journey to Buxton, (Bank Holiday traffic nightmare), I was MORE than ready for my spa treatment. The Devonshire Spa invited me to try out the latest edition to their treatment menu, the Ishga Facial, which features their brand new Exfoliating Face Mask.

I've never been to a spa before, but I was so glad to try out the spa and treatments after a few stressful weeks.

The treatment began with a foot scrub, I dipped my feet into warm water and the therapist began to massage the feet with salt scrub to remove any dead skin cells. We chatted about my skin care concerns so the treatment could be targeted more on my problem areas. I currently have 3 mountains on my chin, (cystic acne is not fun, thanks hormones for creating those), so I asked if the treatment could help reduce the size of those and help my oily skin.

Once my feet were dry, I lay down on the bed and the treatment began. Soft sweeping motions with a cleanser removed any traces of make-up.

Each step was slowly applied and massaged into the skin, the experience was very relaxing and soothing. The products that were used in the routine are as follows:

Hebridean Sea & Salt Oil Scrub - Used to exfoliate the dead skin cells during the foot scrub.

Ishga Active Cleansing Lotion - Used to remove traces of make-up and to create a fresh canvas for other products.

Hebridean Marine Toner - Used to cleanse the pores and revitalise the skin.

Ishga Exfoliating Face Mask - High quality seaweed is combined with seawater to create a revitalising, repairing and moisturising mask.

Nourishing Face Oil - To rehydrate and balance the skin.
Peel Off Power Mask and Seaweed Extract - These are professional only products, which are mixed together. It has a cooling sensation, and peels off.

Invigorating Body Oil - Used during the mask while it sets, it's massaged over the arms and chest to further relax you.

Regenerating Face Serum - Aimed at treating pigmentation and ageing.

Anti-Oxidant Marine Cream - Seaweed extract helps to freshen, brighten and hydrate the skin.

Two masks were used in the treatment which I've never thought of doing, combining two can help you target two skin concerns. The Ishga Exfoliating Face Mask was used first, the therapist used tapping motions to apply it to my skin. She used one finger with the products on and tapped spots all over my face until the joined up to create a full mask. This is to help the active ingredients work their way into the skin as the mask sets. I'll be trying this with my other masks to improve their performance.

The Ishga Exfoliating Face Mask has rich ingredients such as seaweed, which has high levels of skin boosting vitamins and anti-oxidants, as well as aloe vera and cucumber extract.

The second mask was a cooling gel which was applied thickly over the skin. It's cooling ingredients really helped to lift my skin and keep it taught and smooth. The best bit was that it peeled off in a thick sheet.

After the facial had ended I took a look at my skin and it was so firm and clearer. Since the treatment I have noticed the cystic acne reduce in size. I'd love to have a spa treatment each month but it's a little out of my budget. I would however recommend it before special occasions, it was 55 minutes of pure relaxation.

Afterwards, I was treated to tea and cake, honestly the sticky toffee cake was heavenly, the perfect end to my day. If you want a pamper, I would fully recommend the Devonshire Spa in Buxton. The staff are incredibly friendly, the treatments are so relaxing and you'll see improvements to your skin instantly.

Have you ever been on a spa day? 

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*The treatment was complementary, but all views are my own.

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