Thursday 19 March 2015

My Red Lipstick Collection and Mini Reviews

I feel more confident with a red lip, so I thought I'd share the rouge hues that I have in my collection.

Red lipstick collection MAC, Lime Crime, Revlon

Lime Crime Velvetine in Red Velvet (Old Version)
There has been a hell of a lot of tweets and blog posts on the #boycotlimecrime thread, I've heard parts of the story but have come to a decision not to buy from Lime Crime again and also give this lip stain away. This one is actually the old formula and honestly I never got on with it, I just kept it for it's cult status. I found it dried to an uncomfortable texture and would ball up in the corners of my mouth, not a good look. I would not recommend this product at all!

Revlon Lipstick in Cherries in the Snow
My blog was named after this Revlon creation; a raspberry red that has my heart. I cannot fault this lipstick, although I do believe that they have discontinued it, but I have a back up. It's a really comfortable matte lipstick that lasts hours. I want to try more shades from the range, as I was really impressed by this product.

MAC Lipstick in Russian Red
A new favourite, I have a rather large MAC lipstick collection and couldn't by pass a red lipstick from MAC. It's a classic mid red with a matte finish, perfect for nights out as it has great staying power.

Red lipstick Collection

NV Colour Cosmetics Lipstick in Siren
NV Colour kindly sent me some goodies to review and this red lipstick really caught my eye. You can read my Siren lipstick review here and view swatches.

Rimmel Apocalips in Big Bang
Again, like the Lime Crime red, I found this lip stain so hard to wear. It was just too thick and no matter how little or carefully I would apply it, it wouldn't sit right and would smudge at the smallest touch. Everyone raved about this release but honestly, this shade and formula didn't work for me.

Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Romantic
Unlike the other red shades I've picked out, this has more of a sheer, glossy finish, opposed to a traditional matte. I reach for this shade when I need a small pop of colour on my lips, but don't to go all out with lipstick and lip liner. It's very moisturising but it does wear off after a few hours. I think if you are going for a red lipstick, you would be better with a matte version of this, as it can slide a little too.

What's your favourite red lipstick?

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  1. I love Lady Danger by MAC & their prolong lipstick. Both last a really good amount of time :)

  2. I don't really wear red lipsticks but I did buy the apocolips ones and it's a lovely colour but horrible to wear. Every time the wind picked up I'd end up with a red line across my cheek where my hair had got caught in it. I really must throw it out next time I clear out lipsticks.

    I might give the kissable balm stain a try instead. It sounds much better.

    Debbie x

  3. amazing collection! I love a red lip for any season, occasion, day or night! i love MAC Russian Red :)



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