Wednesday 4 March 2015

Chester Lush Mother's Day and Easter Blogger Event and a GIVEAWAY

Lush is a brand that always has me in awe, I wander around the store, sniffing and oooo-ing and ahhh-ing over the colourful creations and products. I'm always lusting after the latest releases as
Lush does the best holiday themed products and Mother's Day and Easter are no exception.

Lush Chester Mothers Day Range

I was kindly invited to preview some of the latest releases at my local store in Chester last Sunday, there was a small group of bloggers, which made the event feel very intimate.

The event kick started with a demonstration on their famous massage bars, I'd bought a Hottie massage bar previously but wasn't entirely sure how to best use it, so it ended up in my shower unloved.
The lovely Kii showed us the various types of bar, described the different ingredients and scents. We had a fun little ice breaker game, where we got to use the massage bars on a fellow bloggers arm. It was very strange at first, massaging someone I didn't know but soon me and blogger Beth, were laughing away and I felt more comfortable.

I picked up a few tips on the best ways to use the massage bars. The ladies from Lush recommend you warm the bar up in your hands and then rub the bar across the arms in a few swipes. This coats both your hands and your partner's arms. Then you should use slight pressure as you move and massage upwards and use a more gentle touch on the stroke down. You can also massage the fingers and the wrist bones for further relaxation. A light dust from their body powders finished off the skin and left us feeling as soft as a baby's bum.

After this relaxing arm massage, we were ready to see the demonstrations of the new bath bombs and soaps. Large bowls and jugs with warm water were set up and then the fun began.

Mother Superior and Bubblegrub Display Lush

Mother Superior, which looks like Mother Theresa to me, is a little cute bubble bar. All of them after handmade so they are all pulling different strange faces. This bubble bar can be used 3-4 times if you can face cutting her up. The fragrance has notes of Sicilian Lemon Oil, Mimosa, Jasmine and Orange Blossom, the best way to describe the scent is a calming floral.

Lush Chester Display Bath Bombs DemoRose Bubble Bar looks like the Comforter, in that it has the same pink swirls but this number has a touch of shimmer. As the name suggests this bubble bar has a wonderful rose scent, I know most Mother's love rose scents, so this one is a fail safe option. The ingredients alongside Rose are Cocoa Butter and Rose Hip Oil, so it's very soft and moisturising on the skin.

Based on the Hungry Caterpillar, Bubblegrub Bubble Bar is one of the stars of the show. It's tiny little face just makes you go 'awwhhh'. If you don't mind squishing this cutie between your fingers to crumble into the bath, you'll experience aromas of Sandalwood Oil, Vetivert Oil, Tonka and Shea Butter, it's quite an earthy scent and again, this bubble bar very moisturising.

Chester Lush Mothers Day and Easter Bubblegrub

Ultraviolet has to be my favourite of the Mother's Day collection; it's a purple, blue and green rainbow, which can be used for 3-4 baths. Matching their Violet perfume, the ingredients are Violet Leaf, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang Oil and Rosewood Oil, it's quite a hypnotic scent. I just love the vibrant purple water that it creates, as well as the big glossy bubbles.

Utraviolet Bubble Bomb Chester Lush

Fizzing Bath Bombs from Lush Demo
We also had a preview of two of the Easter bath bombs and bubble bars, the Golden Egg and Bunch of Carrots. The Golden Egg has a wonderful gold glitter, this washes away to reveal a fizzy bath bomb and under that is a chunk of cocoa butter, which melts to moisturise your skin.

Did you know that Lush don't use plastic glitter? They use natural materials so that it's more kind on the environment and water table. The egg smelt of Wild Orange, Bergamot and Cocoa Butter and it fizzed away for ages, worth a buy in my eyes!

Lush Chester Golden Egg Easter

The Bunch of Carrots are such a cute novelty item, you just run these under the tap, like you would with the Magic Wand, which came out at Christmas, and these should last you a few baths. They had a wonderful scent of Lemon and Bergamot, very fresh and uplifting.

Lush Bunch of Carrots Chester

We were also shown some of the themed soaps. The Love You Mum, the Carrot Soap and Somewhere Over the Rainbow soaps are beautifully designed. I asked how they created the layers and colours in the large soaps; apparently they fill the moulds with the coloured ascents first, let it set and then pour the backing on a few hours later, just like you would with coloured jelly.

Love You Mum Soap Mother's Day

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Soap Lush

Carrot Soap Lush Easter

Normally, us bloggers don't like to get messy, but we will make the sacrifice for a face mask ;) We donned rubber gloves to create the Catastrophe Cosmetic mask from scratch. Squishing blueberries into the mix was strangely therapeutic. We all got stuck in and the staff allowed us to take a pot of the mask we'd made home to try.

DIY Blogger Lush Face Mask

I'd like to thank the Chester Lush staff, they were amazingly friendly and knew their stuff. I met some lovely bloggers too and I can't wait to see their posts!


  1. I love lush things, thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  2. Looks like such a fab event, the range looks amazing :) I love the look of the Bubblegrub bar - definitely an aww product :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  3. I'm a huge fan of Lush. I've never bought a product I've haven't liked. Butterball, Big Blue and the Cupcake face mask are my favourite products. The bunch of carrots look so cute! And I love the glittery egg! Lovely photos x

    Roxie ♥

  4. I had so much fun at the event! Love the pictures you took :)

  5. :) Lush never fails to cheer me and my mummy up. We don't have a bath in my parents house as shes disabled but she loves the jellys and shower bombs. I get a bath at my fiancee's parents house on the weekend and it's "my time" for pampering with dragons egg and twilight :D

  6. I'm a Chester blogger too!

  7. I love Lush and spend way too much in there.
    amazing giveaway

  8. Oh what a fab giveaway. I always walk past lush and breathe in the smell lol. Love it.

    I put the wrong name in the box for following on pinterest - I put wilcox25 and it should have been mwilcox25 but can't reopen it to change it, sorry!

  9. Great giveaway. I'm learning all the time

  10. Wish I was in the UK, Lush products look amazing.


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