Tuesday 2 October 2012

Skin Saviours

After suffering with acne I've tried and tested hundreds of lotions and potions trying to combat spots without drying my skin out.
Here are my 'skin saviours' or you could called them my holy grail skin care items.

Clinique Moisture Surge
I first tried this moisturiser when it came as a sample with a magazine, it's a great all purpose lotion. It's light weight and non greasy so can be used at day and night. I slap some of this on if I get dry patches after using spot creams.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo
I discovered the La Roche Posay line after Holly from YMMB mentioned it on her Youtube channel. I recommend this lotion to anyone with problematic oily skin. I don't use it every day as sometimes it can dry my skin out but it's great for days when my skin is worse.

Garnier Dark Spot Corrector
I bought this quite recently, I always moan about the marks left on my face after spots so I picked this up hoping for results. It smells lovely and fruity, probably as it had added vitamin C! I use this at night and I had actually seen some reduced colouring to the marks and so has my friend who is trying it out too!

What are your skin saviours?

Love Kat

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  1. I hadn't even heard of that Garnier one, I could do with that myself, must check it out! :-)


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