Monday 8 October 2012

I went a tiny bit mad in Topshop....

Winter essentials were needed, so I popped to Topshop while they had their 20 percent off for students.
Here's what I purchased:

April Classic Chelsea Boots - £62
I really wanted some Chelsea boots for this winter, they can be styled with jeans, tights and a dress or leggings so they are worth the investment.

Lassie Leopard Stack Platforms - £55
I'm really picky with shoes - I need a good platform, straps around the ankles and they need to be comfortable to walk in. These babies tick all three boxes and they will go with almost everything!

Knitted Stud Rib Cardi - £48
This cardi is so comfy, perfect for hungover days at uni, the studs turn this casual cardi into a statement piece. I plan to wear it to death!

MOTO Blue Supersoft Skinny Jeans - £38
Every girl needs the perfect pair of jeans that flatter your figure. I adore these and they are super soft. Lets hope they don't go baggy in the wash though!

What have you purchased this week?
Love Kat


  1. i bought those chelsea boots with the 20% off too. they arrived today & i'm so in love, they're so gorgeous & classic xx

  2. Oh the heels Kat. I bloody love the heels! Why can't we be the same size, I want to steal the dress you got too. That may well be the first thing that breaks my 'I'm not spending any more money on clothes'plan. xxx

  3. Oh wow you got some gorgeous things :D Love the cardigan! I've been good and not bought myself anything since payday, been getting Christmas presents instead :D


  4. Student discount is so dangerous! Gorgeous buys.

  5. I am in love with that cardigan I wish I still had a topshop in my town so jel!

  6. Love everything in Topshop at the moment! I was thinking about getting the chelsea boots too, they look like they'd definitely be good for winter :) x

  7. The chelsea boots are beautiful! i was wondering if you maybe could upload a photo of them, of how they look on the feet? :) please!

  8. I love your boots! So cute. Also, what a cute blog name. I just bought the lipstick a few weeks ago and am looking forward to wearing it this holiday season.


  9. Love it all! Especially those black booties!

    <3Jo of


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