Thursday 23 February 2012

Lana Del Rey lips?

Okay, I admit it, I want to be Lana Del Ray so badly. I even went to the extreme of dying my hair red/ginger a few weeks ago. My next step to re-create her look was the bee-stung lips. 

After a few suggestions of lip plumpers via Twitter, I decided on Soap and Glory's XL Extreme Lip Plumping Gloss. It's a clear non-stick formula that is applied in a thin layer to the lips. Within a few seconds the tingling sensation kicks in and the aroma of chocolate/cocoa can be smelt. My measly thin lips did look a little bigger!

Next on my list was re-creating the pinkish brown nude that she often wears. I had 6 items for the Back to MAC programme and saw this as an opportunity to pick up a free lipstick in the wanted shade. The make-up artist helped me pick out MAC's Patisserie lipstick. It's a great natural shade that gives a hint of colour, a 'your lips but better' kind of colour.  

Together they get me one step closer to the Lana Del Rey look.
What do you think of  Lana  Del Rey? Anyone else lusting after bee-stung lips?

Love Kat


  1. Love the post. I've used 'Sexy Motherpuckaa' before... it works for a while and the lip tingling is a little too addictive!x

  2. I also love lana del ray so badly! The girl is just so damn gorgeous!

  3. I love lana! and yes i'd kill for her lips!!
    i love your blog, and ill be following:)
    check out my giveaway!

  4. Her lips are definitely enviable! I've never tried Patisserie but might now x Just found your blog, love your content. Would love if you check mine out too :)

    Linds xx


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