Friday 17 February 2012

Cheap Smells has a rival....Cosmetics2Order

Sites like Cheap Smells and Fragrance Direct are seeing a rise in traffic and purchases from the beauty community. I mean who wouldn't want to get their favourite brands/products for a discounted price?!?
There is a new kid on the block, Cosmetics2Order.
They began as an eBay store around April last year with the aim to provide big name brands at discounted prices, they have now launched their easy to use website,

"Our goal was to get make sure our fulfilment and customer service systems were flawless before branching out from eBay." says Dan Berrecloth from Cosmetics2Order
"Once we established a large feedback score and were able to maintain our top rated seller status we began our website to grow our business. We also operate on Amazon and have been really successful there too! 
Our website offers customers an extremely easy and smooth transaction to make online shopping a first choice rather than a last resort."

I did a comparison between Cheap Smells on MAC eyeshadows and Cosmetics2Order was the clear winner!

So check their website out

Love Kat



  1. This is great! Thank you for sharing this link! xo

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