Thursday 8 April 2021

L'Oreal Elvive Dream Lengths Wonder Water Review

This little bottle has been all over Instagram! L'Oreal kindly gifted me their Elvive Dream Lengths Wonder Water 8 Second Hair Treatment to try.

The concept of 'hair water' was completely new to me, so before trialing it, I did a little research. It claims to resurface hair fibres for hair that is 10x smoother with glassy shine and a silky touch- in just 8 seconds. Beauty guru Nadine Baggott had a wonderful IGTV video that explains the technology behind the product. In a nutshell, Wonder Water contains Lamellar technology, which is made up of moisturising agents and amino acids that are 10x smaller than regular conditioners and masks. These ingredients target dry and damaged areas of the hair and create a lightweight barrier called Lamella. These molecules create a super glossy, silky finish that doesn't weigh down your hair.

L'Oreal Wonder Water Product photographed in a flatlay style

The Wonder water fits into your hair care routine after your shampoo and you can follow with conditioner if needed. On the side of the bottle, there are lines to indicate the number of doses in a bottle. It states 1 dose for medium-textured hair and 2-3 doses for thick to curly textured hair. The consistency is slightly thicker than water, almost like a very watered-down serum.

The bottle has a handy nozzle tip to help you to apply it. I shampoo my hair and ring out some of the moisture and then squeeze the bottle to dispense the product starting at the ends upwards. With the formula being water-like, it feels like half of it will end up running down the hair into the drain and it's difficult to see where you have applied it as it's clear, so you do need to take care with the application.

There is a slight warming sensation as you apply it, then you massage it into the hair for 8 seconds. The first time I used it I didn't apply conditioner afterward to give it a good test. I have naturally curly and coarse hair so the thought of not conditioning usually terrifies me! However, I was pleasantly surprised, as you rinse it out, you instantly notice a slight smoothed feel. 

I did my usual hair styling routine after hopping out of the shower, I used my Dyson Airwrap (review here), to blow dry and then my Cloud Nine Hair Straightener to finish off. My hair felt more manageable and tamed and I noticed the shine too. My hair stays straight for longer and looks more glossy. I really do enjoy using this product. I have also tried the Wonder Water with a conditioner used afterwards and it just enhances the conditioners properties when used in conjunction with each other.

I tend to use this 1-2 week switching between my normal conditioners and masks and the Wonder Water, as there are only 5-6 doses in each bottle.

It's around £10 but I have seen it on offer for £5 at Superdrug, Boots and Amazon, so check out if there are any offers before you purchase.

Have you tried the L'Oreal Wonder Water?


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